May 29th, a National Day of Action against SB 1070

In the past few weeks, immigration reform activists have issued a call to action to oppose SB 1070. There will be a huge march and rally with many national organizations on May 29th, organized by National Day Laborer Organizing Network, and Puente Arizona. The UUA, the UUCP and the Standing on the Side of Love campaign have in turn issued a call to Unitarian Universalist to march with us. Please join us !

from Rev. Susan:

Dear Friends,

We in Arizona need you.

In Phoenix, I am ministering to a wounded community that needs more love than I alone can give.

When I felt my call to the ministry in 1995, I knew it would be a challenging path. But I never anticipated that I would end up fighting against a police state. A statewide coalition of immigrant groups, faith communities, and local organizations have issued a call for people across the nation to come to Phoenix on May 29th.

The Standing on the Side of Love campaign will be there along with many national faith leaders, including the President of my Unitarian Universalist faith, Rev. Peter Morales.

There is still time to stop SB 1070 from going into effect.

We want a half million people in Phoenix on May 29th. Even if it is not easy, we need each person who is able, to follow the challenging path to Arizona.

Yours in the struggle,
Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

Unitarian Universalists clergy and lay members from all over the country, including UUA Rev. President Peter Morales have answered the call and will converge in Phoenix to take action against SB 1070. The UUCP will welcome UU marchers and has planned a number of events to host and support our UU brethren.

If you are a UU coming to Phoenix for this event, please come to the UUCP and march with us! If you need home hospitality, it is being coordinated by Rev. Paul Langston-Daley of the West Valley UU congregation

We are asking Clergy to wear a Collar or Stole or some other type thing that identifies you as Clergy. We will have "Standing on the Side of Love" T- shirts for sale and would encourage those who do not have one to consider buying one.


Friday, May 28, 2010 Gathering and rally at the UUCP
5PM Gathering begins- a time to socialize and connect
6PM Dinner (Potluck provided by UUCP)
7:30PM Rally@ UUCP

Saturday, May 29, 2010
7AM Gather at UUCP to take the bus to the Rally
8AM Meeting Location- One block N of Indian School Rd at Central Ave. (Steele Indian School Park Road/Glenrosa) We will meet at the West of the Indian School Museum Buildings. Look for the big red balloon (3 ft) at the park near the entrance off Central Ave (one block north of Indian School Rd).

Bus Schedule
Bus 1 & 2 arrive UUCP (4027 East Lincoln Dr., Paradise Valley) at 7:15 AM
Bus 1 & 2 depart UUCP at 7:30 AM
Bus 1 & 2 arrive Central Ave & Glendora (Steele Indian School Park entrance) approximately 8 AM
Bus 1 departs Central Ave & Glendora at 11 AM
Bus 2 departs Central Ave & Glendora at 11 AM
Bus 2 arrives near Arizona Capitol (17th Avenue and Jefferson) approximately 11 :15 AM
Bus 1 arrives UUCP approximately 11:30 AM (Bus 1 done for day)
Bus 2 departs Arizona Capitol at 1:30 PM
Bus 2 stops at Jefferson and 1st Avenue (to release some riders to light rail) approximately 1:35 PM
Bus 2 stops at 3rd Street and Flower (to release some riders to parking lot) approximately 1:45 PM
Bus 2 arrives at UUCP (release remaining riders) approximately 2:10 PM
Bus 2 departs UUCP approximately 2:20 PM
Bus 2 arrives Arizona Capitol approximately 2:50 PM
Bus 2 departs Arizona Capitol at 3 PM
Bus 2 stops at Jefferson and 1st Avenue (to release some riders to light rail) approximately 3:05 PM
Bus 2 stops at 3rd Street and Flower (to release some riders to parking lot) approximately 3:15 PM
Bus 2 arrives at UUCP (release remaining riders) approximately 3:40 PM (Bus 2 done for day)

7PM Valley Unitarian Universalist Church (VUU) Hosts a Potluck 6400 W Del Rio, Chandler, AZ 85226 (480) 899-4249

Sunday, May 30, 2010
10:30AM UUCP Sunday Service - Rev. Peter Morales Preaching. We encourage everyone carpool as parking will be limited. UUCP has a carpool website service that may be helpful.
10:30AM UU Church of Surprise Presents: Man from Magdelana, 17540 N. Avenue of the Arts, Surprise, Arizona 623.875.2550


Sun/Heat/Dehydration Warning

All marchers need to remember the dangers of the Arizona sun. Five plus miles is a long walk anyway, but in May in AZ it will be even longer We're starting fairly early which will help, but it could easily be into the 90s before we reach the Capitol. The AZ sun laughs at any sunscreen rated at less than 40-50 SPF. Even then you should plan to reapply. Hats and long sleeves made of natural fibers that breath are often the best way to help keep the sun off. Umbrellas/parasols are not a bad idea either. Bandanas or cloths that can be wet and applied to the neck, face etc will help keep you cool. Taking vitamin C is a good idea when traveling anyway, but it can also help you acclimatize to the increased sun exposure. The danger of dehydration is very real, and very fast due to the dry conditions here. Please make sure you come equipped to carry plenty of water in a backpack or something. We should be able to get some water along the route from volunteers, but marchers are recommend to carry a least 2 litres of water per person. Gatorade like drinks are also a good idea, as they replace carbs and electrolytes that you'll be losing fast.

Valley Metro Light Rail Map/Information:

The light rail may be particularly useful on the day of the march, as it runs right up and down the first half of the route. Anyone who wants to be there for the beginning and end, but is concerned about making it the whole distance can use the light rail to jump ahead and then rejoin the march. The march will be starting within a few blocks of the Indian School and Central stop, and should turn west to head toward the Capitol near either the Washington and Central or Van Buren and Central stops. The light rail also connects to the airport inter-terminal shuttle bus, and to the ASU/Tempe area. The website provides information on how to ride, costs, route, stations, timetable etc. Also has all the local bus information.

Google Maps: March Route, With Nearby Light Rail Stops:

The march route is not yet finalized. Its possible it may come down Central instead of 3rd St, which would put it right along the light rail line. Rally before march is at Steele Indian School Park, and the march ends at the State Capitol for presumably more rallying. Preliminary plans say the rally will start at 8AM, and the march will step off at 10 AM.

Google Maps: Location of the Four Active Phoenix Area UU Congregations