The Sewing and Craft Circle meets once a month to create textiles for impoverished children around the world and locally.

The Sewing and Craft Circle joins forces with organization like “Friends of Cuernavaca” a mission started by the Vincentians of Saint Vincent de Paul’s, Dress a Girl Around the World, a national organization for women and children at risk, the Child Protective Agency, foster child program, as well as the UUCP “Refugee Assistance Program” and Libby Walker’s Eritrean families in the Phoenix area, we will be coordinating with Hogar Matero in Honduras with Tony Benagas in 2016. Dresses, shirts, slightly used jeans, pillowcase backpacks, knitted baby blankets and handmade baby quilts are among the items sewn, knitted, croqueted or purchased for the children they assist.

Everyone is welcome to join, help create, or work from home to provide these much needed items. Basic ability with your sewing machine is appreciated. We always have a need for those who knit or croquet, those with an eye for design or those with ideas for outlets. Contact the group at