Unitarian Universalism is about connection.


Small Group Ministry is an ideal way to connect to others and tend to your heart and spirit at UUCP.

Life can feel like a frenzied struggle against a materialistic world, which leave us feeling disconnected from our deepest selves, and without the energy to reach out in love and service to others.

Small Groups provide a space to tend to your heart and spirit. They follow the monthly worship themes and offer a way to engage the themes in your daily life and grow and learn with a group while sharing your own story, insights and learnings. Each group is led by a trained facilitator. Each group also engages in a service project at least once during the year to serve the congregation or wider community.

You can always drop in to the Open Drop-In group to see what a small group is like. You can also find the monthly Small Group packets on our website or find out more by emailing sgm@phoenixuu.org.


2016-2017 Program Year

September: Community & Inclusion Download Small Group Packet here
October: Diversity & Multiple Identities Download Small Group Packet here
November: Expectation & Acceptance Download Small Group Packet here
December: Prayer & Practice Download Small Group Packet here
January: Authenticity Download Small Group Packet here
February: Justice & Love Download Small Group Packet here
March: Vision & Action Download Small Group Packet here
April: Creation & Evolution
May: Wisdom & Growth
June: Ambiguity & Paradox
July/August: Letting Go & Possibility


2015-2016 Program Year
What does it mean to be a people of…
December: Living Tradition Download Small Group Packet here
July/August: Spirituality Download Small Group Packet here