2nd Thursdays, 6:45 PM with Janine Gelsinger and Jonny Lifshitz in Annex B
4th Saturdays, 3:00 PM at rotating off site locations


The Parents of Young(er) Children Small Group is a drop-in friendly group that meets twice per month: on the second Thursday, 6:45-8:15pm, and the Fourth Saturday, 3-4:30pm. We welcome all members and friends/participants of UUCP, who are in a parenting role to little ones, to join our village.


On the second Thursday, we will meet in Annex B in a traditional Small Group format, engaging in deep discussions led by Jonny Lifshitz, following the Small Group packet on the monthly congregational theme. This time set aside for adult discussions feels amazing, as the littles will be cared for at Chalice Kids, free programming in room 15 provided by the children’s ministry. On the fourth Saturday, we will meet in a rotating location outside the congregation (splash pad, parks, homes, kid-friendly restaurants). The Saturday group will include the kids in a new-to-UUCP family-style Small Group. We will still have a chalice and a check-in, and conversation around the congregational theme, but the structure of this group will inevitably be looser, and welcoming of the small people in the space, as life with kids necessitates.


Our hope is for this group to provide the connection, support, challenges and community outside of Sunday service that we as parents need. We hope you’ll join us.


Please feel free to contact Janine with any and all questions, or check out our Facebook group: janinegelsinger@phoenixUU.org


In Community,
Janine Gelsinger + Jonny Lifshitz


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