Benjie Messer

Sing Out the Old, Ring in the New – One Service at 10:30 AM

On the last morning of 2017, join us in singing goodbye to the old year and a hello to the new! Our celebration will include songs that celebrate New Years and Hogmanay, music about beginning anew, and favorites of our congregation.

Bread & Roses 10:30 AM

With widening income inequality and austerity measures around the globe, let us celebrate Labor Day by singing the labor music in our UU hymnals! In these beautiful songs of working people, we give thanks for the benefits of labor, grieve the harm it does, and shout for a better world.

General Assembly Service – Multi Generational 10:30 AM

This weekend, UU’s will gather in New Orleans for General Assembly, the annual meeting of the faith. We will put our attention on them from Phoenix by watching video of the sermon given there just hours before, sharing the results of the previous night’s UUA presidential election, and enjoying the music of New Orleans. This … Continued

Christmas Carol Singalong 10:30 AM

Join Benjie and Emrys for a Christmas morning singing and story service incorporating music from different traditions and cultures. Service will be followed by a brunch potluck at 11:30 – bring something to share!

Including Our Differences 10:30 AM

How can we become more radically inclusive? This fall, UUCP invites us all to share and understand our own personal histories through a series of “affinity groups,” which is an important step in accepting each other. Benjie will personally invite us to join in this process, and (of course) lead us in singing!   Text … Continued

The Music of Elizabeth Alexander 9:30 & 11:15 AM

Elizabeth Alexander is one of Unitarian Universalism’s most performed and well-known contemporary composers. After meeting and rehearsing with Ms. Alexander in January, we present a service of her music which illustrates many aspects of our faith.

Love Songs

UUCP’s music program joins forces to create a musical meditation on romantic love and how its hopeful spirit can be an example for us in all of our relationships.