Katie Resendiz

Gratitude 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM

Sharing the abundance in our lives, we celebrate the gifts of community in the annual multigenerational bread ceremony. All are invited to bring a bread — grain-based, gluten-free or paleo – tortillas, challah, muffins, idlis, injera, naan, fry bread – from your family tradition to share with the community. ASL Interpreter here during 2nd Service.

Women, Race, Misogyny, Economics, and Lesbian Erasure

Through storytelling, song, and obituary this service will grieve the women we have disappeared. As a community learning intersectionality, we find that naming and examining all of our aspects is hard, heartbreaking work. We look to our foremothers to remind us that it is the only work that has ever made us whole.  

Youth Coming of Age Service 10:30 AM

This year our 7th and 8th graders have joined on an amazing adventure. Coming of Age has been a chance for our middle schoolers to deepen their spiritual growth. The class has learned what others believe, analyzed UU values, served others, and all along, reflected on their experiences. The 7th and 8th grade will design … Continued

MultiGen Valentine’s Day: RE Sunday 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM

This year, our Elementary students are on a storyteller’s journey. They’ve learned to listen and tell their UU values through movement, craft, and tales. For Valentine’s Day, we’ll share our story with you. Join us for a multi-gen celebration of love in all of its forms- Dragons welcome.  

Pet Service

This special Thursday evening all-ages service honors the pets in our lives and our families. Pets are welcome, on leashes or in terrariums or carriers. Photographs of pets are also welcome, including those unable to attend and those we hold in memory.

Water Communion 10:30 AM

This all-ages service celebrates community. It’s also our annual ingathering, a kick-off to the year. Everyone is invited to bring water from a place that holds significance for you, maybe from a vacation spot this summer, your own home, or even tears of joy or grief. Together, we mingle these waters together as a symbol … Continued

Strong Kids, Strong Words – Children’s Ministry Sunday 10:30 AM

Words are powerful. The RE program at UUCP has spent the year delving into the meaning of the words our community holds dear. Join the children of our congregation as we travel back through this year’s themes. Freedom, Gratitude, Peace, Tradition, Service, Love, Truth, Hope, Covenant, and Strength have led our classes this year. Come … Continued