Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

Wisdom and Learning in Action 10:30 AM

This Sunday, honoring the activist roots of Mother’s Day, our congregation is answering a call from Black Lives of UU to make our worship a teach-in on the culture of white supremacy. This will be a unique service which includes time together and opportunities for deeper engagement in different activities. Please come with an open … Continued

Easter/Celebration Sunday: Now More Than Ever 10:30 AM

Come celebrate and be a part of the Combined Stewardship and Capital Campaign! Listen as we share testimonies of the difference this congregation makes, in our dreams for our future and a very special telling of one of Rev. Susan’s all time favorite stories (especially for Easter!).

Nurturing the Inner Fires of Vision 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM

Self-care, tending to the body, the soul and the spirit, is crucial in moments of challenge, tension, and fear. Even as we talk about justice and resistance, it is important that we tend to our spirits, our souls, that we nurture the goodness and fire of love within.

Combined Campaign Kick-off: Now More Than Ever 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM

Now more than ever, we are committed to making our congregation as strong as it can be to amplify our values and vision of justice, diversity and inclusion. Now more than ever, we need to invest in making our vision and values reality. This service is the kickoff to our combined stewardship and capital campaign … Continued

A Community of Love and Justice 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM

Much theological work has been done to reveal the necessary connection of love and justice. What does this work offer to us as a community seeking to live at the intersection of love and justice? Text of Service

Truth and Authenticity 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM

One definition of authenticity is something being true. In leadership, there is much emphasis on the importance of authenticity. What does this mean even as we increasingly dispute facts and people talk about living in a post-truth age?     Text of Service

A Powerful, Spiritual Authenticity 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday, what are the ways we are called to courageous and bold love in these times? How do we develop and share a powerful, spiritual authenticity that engages us in the work of justice and liberation that is deeply rooted in love, in compassion, in life giving values? Text … Continued

Welcoming the New Year 10:30 AM

Through story, song and ritual, we will welcome the New Year, marking the hopes and intentions that we bring for this new year.   Text of Service  

Christmas Eve Service 5:30 PM and 7:30PM

Spend your Christmas Eve with music, community and candlelight at UUCP. Both services will be filled with singing and the lighting of candles. The early service includes a children’s play and the later service will include the congregation choir. Everyone is invited to bring cookies to share in fellowship from 6:30 PM – 7:30PM. Child … Continued