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March 2016


This year, the Vision Task Force unveiled a new vision for UUCP:


To Be a Spiritual Community for Our Time
Theologically Diverse
Radically Inclusive
Justice Centered


In this vision, we hear a dream of a vital congregation, a commitment to multicultural growth and inclusion, and a desire tosee our ministry for justice reach beyond our walls.


To grow into this vision we need to expand our resources for ministry. This coming year, we can make key investments to move us forward:


  • Maintain our Increased Commitment to Children’s Ministry.  Last year, through your generosity, we increased Children’s Ministry staff by 8 hours, moving Katie Resendiz to thirty hours a week.  As a result, we have seen a 15% increase in participation in our Children’s Ministry program this year and the highest attendance of children since 2012!


  • Increase our Ministerial Capacity. As a growing and vibrant community we have more needs than one minister can manage. Notice the difference Emrys is making in this one year as our Ministerial Intern! Funding a second ministry position creates more opportunities for theological diversity and outreach. This will be especially important this year as we support Rev. Susan’s admirable effort to be elected President of the UUA.


  • Model Fair Compensation and Benefits. As a congregation, we want to be good employers. It’s important to pay competitive wages to attract and keep quality staff.  For this coming year, our goal is to provide pro-rated health insurance for all staff working more than 20 hours a week. We have not been doing this. We can do it!
Are You In?
Are you excited about this vision?
Can you help us get there?


If you are not already doing so, would you consider becoming a Sustainer, Visionary or Full Tithe giver?   (see the UUA giving guide for details)


We want people to feel the impact of our inclusive, justice-centered, multigenerational ministry. Thank you for doing all you can to make UUCP a Spiritual Community for Our Time.




Smoot Carl-Mitchell, Stewardship Chair and Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray
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