From Jackhammers to Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Peace 10:30 AM

A look at some faith-based resistance to war, and how we battle within ourselves for peace.

The Possibility in Ambiguity 10:30 AM

Uncertainty, ambiguity, multiple truths – these could all be recipes for inaction and stagnation. However, this is the last thing we need right now. How can we as a people and as individuals find clarity and momentum for action, even in the midst of uncertainty?


Mark the Time 10:30 AM

This will be the last service before the UUA Presidential election at General Assembly in New Orleans. Together, with leadership from the Board and staff, we’ll take time to mark the big week Rev. Susan and all of us are entering. We’ll send Rev. Susan off with blessings and honor this moment in the life … Continued

General Assembly Service 10:30 AM

This weekend, UU’s will gather in New Orleans for General Assembly, the annual meeting of the faith. We will put our attention on them from Phoenix by watching video of the sermon given there just hours before, sharing the results of the previous night’s UUA presidential election, and enjoying the music of New Orleans.