YRUU Flower Communion 10:30 AM

Community members are asked to each bring a flower to service. Flower Communion celebrates the beauty, strength, and diversity of community and, in our congregation, marks the end of the Sunday School year. This year our ritual will be lead by our high school group YRUU. The youth will reflect on a year of education, … Continued


Adult Coming of Age Service 10:30 AM

Coming of age is a continual process. A small group of UUCP congregants has spent the past year exploring what “Coming of Age for Adults” means as we move through life, using our Covenant as our lens. This Sunday we will share what we individually have learned about ourselves and what turns out to be … Continued

Mother’s Day Service 10:30 AM

Mother’s Day began as a day of action, when women left their homes to protest militarization and call for an end to war. To honor these activist roots, we are talking this day to join in a teach in about the ways patriarchy and white supremacy continue to persist in our lives and our world. … Continued