Mark your calendars the 2nd Friday of each month. It is held at the UU congregation of Phoenix at 4027 E. Lincoln Dr. in the Sanctuary from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

January 12 – TAI CHI CELEBRATION IN CHINA– by Joan Gale & Bill Snowden

Bill and Joan’s trip in 1999 was unlike anything you would find in a travel brochure. Our Tai Chi instructor, Master Tung Kai Ying, had been invited to the opening of a new town square in his home village of Nanyu in Renxian Province. We were among 235 of his students who accompanied Master Tung to demonstrate the Tai Chi forms he had learned in china and had been teaching since he left China in the 1960’S. The students were from Tai Chi schools he had established all over the world. Although we often couldn’t speak the same language, we were thrilled to meet his international students and all practice the same forms together. The focus was tai chi practice and demonstrations, but we also were able to climb the great wall, as well as see many other stunning and famous sites. Our photos show the sites of Beijing, Xingtai, Hebei province, Nanyu village as well as the practice and demonstrate in Renxian province. We will tell stories of the communist influence we experienced as well as the banquets, celebrations, tourist sites and Tung family lore.


Februany 9 – Grand Canyon River Trip by Todd & Stephanie Haughton

Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is one of the greatest adventures a person can have. Todd and Stephanie consider it one of their top three unforgettable trips. Known for its whitewater rapids, the river also affords plenty of calm moments to enjoy the canyon’s spectacular scenery and see evidence of past civilizations. Through photographs and video, Todd and Stephanie will share the experiences of their two-week trip from 2011. This was a 225 mile float trip – no motors. Todd and Stephanie will show you what it’s like to paddle through a whitewater rapid and survive. They’ll relay the occasionally awkward logistics of camp life, and you’ll hear a bit about the geology and history of the canyon. You may be motivated to take a trip down the canyon yourself!



Bill and Joy Mee traveled to Puerto Rico, numerous Caribbean islands, and Key West in March/April of 2016. The focus in Puerto Rico was a walking tour of the architecture of Old San Juan, both inside and outside and its history. They visited several Caribbean islands by cruise ship – St. Thomas, Antigua, Dominica, St. Barts, St. Marten, St. Kits, Nevis, Tortola and Virgin Gorda, seeing the islands by bus, boat and foot and sailing on an America’s Cup yacht in a race. Enjoy pictures of gorgeous beaches, historic architecture, tropical gardens, unusual rock formations, and waterfalls. Back in Florida, they drove to Key West, visiting Hemingway’s home and other historic structures, exploring small islands by kayak and sailboat and learning about mangroves and how nature operates.


April 13 – THE WORLD: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by Claude Guldner

Our world is truly a beautiful cluster of continents and countries. We will see a select number of these beauty spots. However there is also a beastly side operating in our world. World Health Organization attempts to deal with a number of these issues relatively unknown to most travelers. With over 30 years of experience, I will share some of these world concerns and our process of dealing with them.
Claude Guldner has a PhD in psychology with a specialty in child abuse and exploitation issues. He has consulted with WHO since 1984.


May 11 – MONGOLIA: WIDE-OPEN SPACES by Harriet Williams

In September 2016 Harriet Williams toured Mongolia for 15 days, from the Gobi Desert, in the south, to Khovsgol Lake, in the Alpine north, spending several days in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. One fifth of Mongolia’s population are still nomadic herders, living in easily-transportable “gers” (aka, yurts) very much like ones steppe tribespeople lived in 3000 years ago. These days, however, many gers are flanked by solar panels and satellite dishes. Rounding up the herds is now mostly by motorbike, not horses. Soviet domination tried to extinguish their major religion, Buddhism, and the memory of their national hero, Genghis Khan. In 1990 the people staged a peaceful revolution that brought democracy to their nation, along with a renewed acceptance of Buddhism and of Genghis Khan.

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