UUCP Board of Trustees

The following members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix are serving on the Board of Trustees from July 2019 through June 2020 / 2021. You may reach the Board at board@phoenixuu.org.

Rev. Christine Dance, Lead Minister

Board of Trustees:

Jonny Lifshitz (President) 2018-2020

Bunny Hodas (Vice President) 2018-2020

Christine Marshall (Secretary) 2018-2020

Larry Reed (Treasurer) 2018-2020

Kim St. Clair  2019-2021

Mary Dawes  2019-2021

Jenny Jones  2019-2021

Sarah Moore 2019-2021

Youth Rep –
Dylan Lifshitz

Nominating Committee:

Betsy Bradley (2018-2020)

Caroli Peterson (2018-2020)

Kat Dickson (2018-2020)

Val Wylie  (2019-2021)

Karen Kurtz (2019-2021)

Walt Doherty (2019-2021)

UU Foundation:

Terry Lockwood  (2017-2020)

Diana Ashley (2017-2020)

Pierre Tariot (2018-2021)

Michele Morgan (2019-2021)

Diane Targovnik (2019-2022)

Dan Hunn (2019-2022)

UUCP Board Policy Manual

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix (UUCP) Board Policy Manual is intended to be a compilation of all policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and still in effect. Click here for The UUCP Board Policy Manual in PDF, printable format.

Board, Congregational Meeting Minutes, Financials and Strategic Plan

Recent Board Minutes and the Strategic Plan are available online at this link. For prior Minutes and Financials, please see the binder in Office 2.

UUCP Bylaws

Current Bylaws

UUCP Council

The UUCP Council is made up of all paid and volunteer staff and activity group leaders.  The Council meets three times a year for the purpose of increasing communication and to provide opportunities for collaboration so that the ministries can better carry out the congregation’s mission.

UUCP Council Chair:  Kim St.Clair

UUCP Guidebook for Paid & Volunteer Staff

The purpose of this Guidebook is to provide standard operating procedures and guidelines for carrying out the work of the congregation.  Click here for the Guidebook in PDF, printable format.

Lay Leadership Development Scholarships

Please use this form to apply for scholarships to attend UU Leadership Development events, such as District Assembly, General Assembly, Leadership School, or a District Workshop.  Click here for the Scholarship Application in PDF, printable format.