Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix
4027 E. Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

What should I expect at Sunday Service?

We welcome all abilities, ages, colors, ethnicities, class, gender expressions, races and sexual orientations.   Our services are approximately an hour long. Visit our “Upcoming Sermons” page to learn what our next service will be about. When you arrive, there will be a greeter at the front door to welcome you. We will direct you to the visitors’ check-in desk, where you can choose to have a name tag so that our members can greet you more easily. If you have children, a children’s greeter will be there to explain our children’s program. Our wonderful ushers will be inside the sanctuary to hand you an order of service and a hymnal. If you would like audio, visual, or physical assistance, our ushers will help you.  Our Sanctuary has a scent-free zone.  After either service, please stay for coffee, other beverages and light refreshments. Please check out the visitor’s table after service to learn more about our congregation and our programs.
How should I dress when I visit your church?
Come as you are! Dress as you feel comfortable. In comparison with many churches we are pretty casual dressers.
Can I bring my children, or teenagers?
Of course! Children are especially welcome to our services and to our Sunday School and child care areas. Many people come to the UUCP initially for our Children and Youth Ministries.  The schedule varies a bit through the year, but our friendly Children’s Ministry greeter at the front foyer can put your child or teen in the right direction when you visit.
Do you provide child-care?
Yes, we have professionally staffed child care rooms for both infants (Nursery Room 3/4) and toddlers (room 15) so parents can attend services, classes, and other meetings.  Children older than >3 start in the Sanctuary and after “Together Time” during the service are sung off to their Sunday School classes with their teachers.
How else can I get involved?
Browse through our annual Program Catalog which serves as an introduction to all our programs and events.  There are many ways you can connect and become involved at UUCP and the Program Catalog is designed to help assist you.  Please also peruse our web page and see the latest edition of our weekly newsletter for additional activities and announcements – UUCP Compass.


How large is your congregation?
We are currently between 420 and 450 members, but there is always room for you.
What do you mean by a “Welcoming Congregation”?
The UUCP is proud to be designated as a welcoming congregation, indicating that we have made special efforts to welcome the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered communities. Some of our most cherished members are GBLT and our congregation is very supportive of the GLBT community and the struggle against homophobia and heterosexism.
What if I want to learn more?
See our links section for more information and to watch a video about Unitarian Universalism.  We offer “Pathway to Membership” classes that provide an overview of not only our congregation but also Unitarian Universalism. These are offered 3-4 times per year. To register, please stay after service for coffee hour and stop by the visitor’s table, or contact the Office. Coffee hour is a great way to meet our members and learn more about the UUCP.

Unitarian Universalist Links

Please note: These links are outside the UUCP web site, and will open in a new browser window.
Voices of a Liberal Faith – An excellent introductory video for visitors and guests- ‘this video production tells the story of our faith through powerful imagery and inspirational testimonials. In it, you’ll see and hear Unitarian Universalist leaders and members share elements of our history, our theology, what it’s like to worship with us, how we educate our children, and more. You’ll also learn about our deep commitment to social justice and inclusiveness.” -the UUA
Belief-O-Matic – A personality quiz about your religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs