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BLUU Funding Appeal

The Reverend Susan Frederick Gray, President of the UUA, and Lena K. Gardner, Co-Founder and Leader of BLUU announce a generous matching grant, and ask for your support.

Peace, Trust and Letting Go

Many years ago, I became a mediator. I did not plan to become a mediator, or even really want to – I was one of those intense rational types who believe that if something is worth doing, it worth doing with a lot of … read more.

Are we a “Safe Congregation”?

Did you know that you are a member of our Safe Congregation Ministry, by virtue of your membership at UUCP?  Congratulations!  In order to have a strong safety culture, everyone  needs to feel responsible for safety and pursue it on a daily basis.  It’s not … read more.

Democracy & Stewardship: Rising or Falling?

by Bunny Hodas

Part of me feels like I’m having a Faith Crisis. I’ve been feeling unheard and discounted. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in these feelings. What I know is that I can’t control or change anyone except myself. I also know that my … read more.

Ministerial Search Committee Update

First, we want to THANK YOU for participating in both the congregational survey and our Cottage Meeting services!  On Sunday, November 18, the MSC will be your service leaders for a special service where you will hear about the results of our congregational survey and … read more.

A New Horizons

The “Horizons” church bulletin began in 1947, months after the founding of the UU Congregation of Phoenix, with a name inspired by one of those amazing Arizona sunsets that we continue to enjoy today.  Sunsets remain much the same, but communication channels in our culture … read more.