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BLUU Funding Appeal

The Reverend Susan Frederick Gray, President of the UUA, and Lena K. Gardner, Co-Founder and Leader of BLUU announce a generous matching grant, and ask for your support.

Peace, Trust and Letting Go

Many years ago, I became a meditator. I did not plan to become a meditator, or even really want to – I was one of those intense rational types who believe that if something is worth doing, it worth doing with a lot of hard … read more.

Are we a “Safe Congregation”?

Did you know that you are a member of our Safe Congregation Ministry, by virtue of your membership at UUCP?  Congratulations!  In order to have a strong safety culture, everyone  needs to feel responsible for safety and pursue it on a daily basis.  It’s not … read more.

Democracy & Stewardship: Rising or Falling?

by Bunny Hodas

Part of me feels like I’m having a Faith Crisis. I’ve been feeling unheard and discounted. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in these feelings. What I know is that I can’t control or change anyone except myself. I also know that my … read more.

A New Horizons

The “Horizons” church bulletin began in 1947, months after the founding of the UU Congregation of Phoenix, with a name inspired by one of those amazing Arizona sunsets that we continue to enjoy today.  Sunsets remain much the same, but communication channels in our culture … read more.