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Public Comment to ACC – APS Electric Bills


What’s at Stake: Renewable energy and energy efficiency are key for preventing pollution, reducing our electricity costs, cleaning our air, and addressing our climate crisis. In November, utility regulators at the Arizona Corporation Commission took an important step by … read more.

Board Message to the Congregation Sept., 2020

September 30, 2020

Our 2020-2021 program year is officially underway. Our staff and volunteers redefined the concept of ‘ingathering’ by welcoming us back into community through an online water communion. The response was overwhelming for each of us to know that we love and are loved, … read more.

Race and Music – Children’s Songs

by Mary Cota

Music has delivered powerful social and political propaganda for thousands of years. I wonder how music can play into today’s fight for racial equality and justice, and what I can do as a musician. It’s overwhelming to know where to begin, as there … read more.

Board Message to the Congregation August, 2020

According to the calendar, nine months have passed since the 2019-2020 UUCP program year began. Time flies when you’re having fun, and the past nine months could have been nine years. In reflection, time has had a new metric because of the successes and challenges … read more.

Covid-19 Interfaith Service Project-Earth Justice

Laurel Hardin is the chairperson of the Earth Justice Ministry at UUCP.  Being retired, she has and takes the time to attend meetings of many environmental groups in the community.  She also co-chairs, with Gretchen Reinhardt, the Cherishing Creation Collaborative of AZ Faith Network (the … read more.

UUCP Board Message to the Congregation January, 2020

The members and friends of UUCP welcome all in building religious community, called to share journeys, grow in spirit, advance justice. The Board of Trustees continues to work with Reverend Dance to achieve the goals set in August. The 2019-2020 goals are to secure a … read more.