Difficult Words

5 sessions on Wednesdays at 7pm AZ time, starting November 17. We at UUCP come from many different backgrounds, and some of the words we use may have connotations that we now find troublesome. We will compile a list and work it through, exploring old meanings and new...

UU Elevator Speech

3 sessions on Sundays at 12:30pm AZ time, starting October 17. Also called a “UU soundbite”—how would you describe UUism in a few sentences to an acquaintance or a visitor? Let’s explore ideas and come up with our own versions.

Great UU Sermons

2nd Thursday of each month at 3pm AZ time, starting October 14. Ongoing monthly series studying a classic sermon from an important UU Minister from history, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Theodore Parker.

Dream Work

6 sessions on Tuesdays at 7pm AZ time, starting October 5. “Working with dreams" means remembering and exploring the dreams from sleep with an eye to their deeper meanings. Attendees will analyze their own dreams and may share with the group.