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Green Heroes at UUCP

by Earth Justice Ministry 

The Earth Justice Ministry is inaugurating a series of “Green Hero” articles in which we will be highlighting the contributions of individuals at UUCP in their efforts to make the world a more sustainable place. To start out, we will focus on … read more.

To the Future

To the Future

Can we go back to the Future?

Can we go forward to the Future?

Is the Future ours to behold, to control or to vanquish?

Is the Future ours at All?

Does the Future belong to anyone?

Or is the Future like Life, a Riddle and a Mystery?

Yes, … read more.

The Wind in Both Ears

I have always enjoyed peeking around the corner to see what I might discover, imagining what might be coming next, relishing the experience of waiting and the time of preparation.  I vividly remember a childhood experience when my parents had planned an exciting vacation trip … read more.

A Reflection on Connections

In my ministerial, pastoral and leadership role, I find myself thinking often about connections in various ways – the quality of connectedness among the members of congregation, connections across ages and stages of life, across cultures, across interests and core commitments.  What are the ways … read more.

A Welcoming to Inclusion

Hello my name is… Jonny Lifshitz. I use the male pronouns of he, him, his.

When my wife Carrie and I first attended Unitarian Universalist services 15 years ago, we were warmly welcomed by smiling faces, each with name tags around their necks. To me, this … read more.


I have a clear vision of what a Unitarian Universalist congregation should mean to its members; what it should offer and provide to those who are part of its extended community. The core of that vision is the congregation as a “learning laboratory” – a … read more.

Leadership is not a Kayak

When I think of leadership, I think of a person in charge. Yet, to be in charge implies there is someone to be in charge of-and I believe that starts with one’s self. When I looked up leadership, Webster defined it as, “the action of … read more.

Peace, Trust and Letting Go

Many years ago, I became a mediator. I did not plan to become a mediator, or even really want to – I was one of those intense rational types who believe that if something is worth doing, it worth doing with a lot of … read more.

We Shall Overcome

Democracy, our worship theme for November, is a system of government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” as the old quote goes. Democratic governments require people to work together. And we have work to do together. Beyond governing ourselves and resolving … read more.