UU Roots

2 Sundays at noon, April 9 and 16 The first session covers the basics of UU history. The second session focuses on the history and traditions of UUCP specifically.

Difficult Words

4 Sundays at 11:45am, March 5, 12, 26 & April 2. Words can be “difficult” because they have associations or connotations that we find troubling, perhaps because they were important in religious traditions that we no longer follow. We will look at some of these words, explore our reactions, and...

Psychological Portals to Spiritual Enlightenment

5 sessions on Mondays from 6:30 - 8:00pm, starting February 6. This class offers a concrete plan on how to experience more of the wondrous joy, peace, and love that some call Spiritual Connection, some Oneness and some Spiritual Enlightenment.

UU Elevator Speech

2 Sundays at 11:45am, January 29 & February 12. Also called a “UU Soundbite”—how would you describe UUism in a few sentences to an acquaintance or a visitor? Many of us struggle to explain what UUism is and why it appeals to us in a manner that is succinct and...

Plan Your Own Memorial Service

3 Sundays at noon, starting January 8. By request, Rev. Christine is offering a class to consider and plan your memorial service. We’ll talk about the purposes of a service, the elements that make it special and how you can plan now so that you can have input and decrease...