Children’s Ministry at UUCP encourages children, youth and their parents, to explore and experience kindness, the search for truth, social justice and community building.






























Our children’s programs build resilience, offering support through life’s tough times and encouraging each child to connect with their own quest for purpose and meaning. Kids learn respect for others and respect for themselves. They experience spiritual practices and learn ways to center themselves, whether by sitting cross-legged and taking a few deep breaths, giving thanks before they eat a meal, or looking up at the stars in wonder. Our programs create peer connections that break the patterns of a school or neighborhood social scene, allowing children to build genuine friendships across differences.

UU religious education is goal-oriented in one way: We seek an outcome of respectful, responsible, life-loving kids who know they are valued for all of who they are and are ready to show others the same deep acceptance.  Active members of a multi-generational community, children are encouraged to develop friendships throughout the community.  Multi-generational services, community dinners, and classroom volunteers provide a chance for the community grow and learn together.  Throughout the year, we offer several all-ages and youth-led services.  We start the church year with the In-gathering Water Service in September and end with Religious Education Service, where we celebrate our Sunday School programs.

Our formal religious education programs are offered during the first service September through May at 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM and during the second service, from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM. Children are provided with opportunities for studio based lessons, multiage classrooms, and multigenerational community involvement. Children begin their Sunday mornings in services, with the opening hymn, covenant, greetings, and Together Time, a lesson for all ages.  The children then disperse to classes where they explore kindness, spirituality, UU history and heroes, social justice and other topics designed to encourage thinking and values formation.  Our children’s Sunday School program utilizes multiple resources, including the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Tapestry of Faith curriculum.


In an effort to be Radically Inclusive, Sunday School classes are open to all children.  If you or your child require specific accommodations or have questions about programming, please contact Katie Resendiz at


The Seven Principles as written for youth:

  1. Respect for all people.
  2. Offer fair and kind treatment.
  3. Yearn to learn throughout life.
  4. Grow by exploring ideas together.
  5. Believe in our ideas and act on them.
  6. Insist on peace, freedom and justice for all.
  7. Value our interdependence with nature.


Parent Expectations

Our children’s and youth religious education community embraces a cooperative model. Classes are led by volunteer teachers, with assistance from other community members.   Each family is asked to provide support through volunteer time in the classroom or in other efforts throughout the year.

Our Whole Lives

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