For the second year, UUCP is hosting a series of fall Identity Nights. These are opportunities for our entire community to build relationships with each other around aspects of our identities and backgrounds and to more fully appreciate ourselves and our unique histories. Please consider attending them all! Each session is on a Thursday night from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, after the community night meal.

September 21 – Working on gay oppression and sexual orientation. Queer folks in the Sanctuary and straight folks in the Johnson Room. (“Queer” in this case refers to anyone who has a gender identity or sexual orientation that strays from rigid, gender-based stereotypes.)

September 28 – Working on class background and classism. Raised-poor and raised-working -class in the Sanctuary, Raised-middle-class in the Johnson Room, Raised-upper-middle-class and raised-upper-class-elite in Annex B.

October 5 – Working on race and racism. People of the global majority (People of color) in the Sanctuary and white people in the Johnson Room.

People with mixed and blended backgrounds (i.e. mixed race, mixed class, or fluid sexual orientation) are welcome to attend any group that they have a connection to. This includes many of us. If you’re not sure which group to attend, our staff members and group leaders are happy to listen as you think it through.

Please contact Benjie Messer if you have questions or need additional information.