WELCOME to the UUCP Silent Auction FUNdraiser!The On-line Auction will open Sunday, January 7, at 9:00 AM and will close on January 21 at 8:00 PM. All the money raised goes to our Capital Campaign. Thank you for participating in this year’s annual FUNdraising auction! Good luck!


Bonnie White

Auction Planner

How to Buy

You may bid online at BiddingOwl.com/UUCPAuction. For multi-buyer events/items you will need to bid separately for each event/item, i.e. two seats at one dinner will be two separate bids. Be sure to check out the current bid on all bidding opportunities to get your best deal. Once you put in your bid, there is an opportunity to also put in the maximum amount that you will bid for the item. If you fill in a maximum amount, biddingowl will automatically raise your bid by the allowed increment until it reaches your maximum bid.

If you are bidding on a fixed-price item, use the BUY NOW button. The first people to choose BUY NOW will be the winners of that item. A few items are unlimited availability.

How to Register

Go to www.biddingowl.com/uucpauction to register for bidding. Click on “Register” in the upper right corner. Fill in the information and click on “sign up.” You will receive an e-mail to complete the registration process.

Sign-up Table

Bonnie White and Ed Cernek, along with other volunteers, will be at the back of the sanctuary to assist anyone who needs help getting registered.

Awarding of Successful Bids

Once the auction is over on January 21, notification will be sent to all successful bidders.

Checkout & Item Collection

Invoices for the items/events sold at the auction will be emailed on Tuesday, January 23. Checks and cash are the preferred method of payment and can be mailed or dropped off to the congregation office. You may also pay on-line through the UUCP website. DO NOT PAY ON THE BIDDINGOWL WEBSITE. Once you have paid for your events/items, you will receive your certificates for proof of purchase and event details in the mail.

Services/Events up for Auction

Bid Online at www.biddingowl.com/uucpauction

Mimosas, Brunch, and Pop Can Flowers!

Donor: Jan Kaplan
Date: Saturday, January 27, 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Location: Jan’s Home

What could be better than a Saturday morning in cold, dreary Arizona, making gorgeous flowers out of aluminum cans? Particularly over mimosas, a delicious brunch, and the warm company of your fellow UU’s? This event is limited to 8 adults who desire to unleash their inner artist – or not. You will create a flower that needs no water, holds its vibrant color all year, supports recycling, and makes for a great gift! Up to 8 adults, $40 per person fixed price. The first 8 BUY NOW will win this fixed-price event.

Italian Dinner with Live Music

Donors: Caroli & Mike Peterson
Date: February 3, 2018, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Caroli & Mike’s home

Ciao! There is nothing to get you in the mood for an authentic Italian dinner like listening to Tony play some live Italian favorites on his accordion. Your dinner will be served at our round dining table that encourages lively conversation — all shared with fellow UU’s. Limited to 6 guests. Be there or be square!
6 2/3/2018 Adults only please.

Valentine’s Dinner

Donor: Joan Gale & Bill Snowden
Date: Saturday, February 10, 2018, 6:00 PM

Please join us for a romantic dinner in our home. We will all share stories of our relationships, what love means to us, and enjoy a French-inspired meal! Tired of an impersonal Valentine’s Day buffet with strangers? Come join UU friends for an intimate dinner with romance in the air. We have 2 cats, 2 steps; adults only. BYOB.
4 Couples 2/10/2018 Couples only please.

Goddess Pendent Necklaces, March 17

Donor: Kat Dickson
Date: Saturday, March 17, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (or until each participant has finished)
Location: Either UUCP or Kat’s Home

Kat Dickson’s art has been featured in many magazines, and some of you may have attended her Goddess Pendent workshop at the Camp De’Benneville women’s retreat. Kat is offering two Goddess Pendant Necklace workshops for 6 adults each. All materials will be provided. At the end of this workshop, each participant will take home a beautiful Goddess Pendent of their own design.
6 3/17/2018 Adults only please.

Beading/jewelry Workshop for Children (ages 8-15)

Donor: Kat Dickson
Date: Saturday, March 3, 2018, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (or until each participant has finished)
Location: Either UUCP or Kat’s home

Perhaps you have children who would like to learn how to string a beautiful glass bead and gemstone necklace. Kat Dickson is offering to teach 6 kids, ages 8-15. All materials will be included. At the end of this workshop the children will take home a beautiful necklace of their own design. 6 purchases total.

Goddess Pendent Necklaces, April 14

Donor: Kat Dickson
Date: Saturday, April 14, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (or until each participant has finished)
Location: Either UUCP or Kat’s Home

Kat Dickson’s art has been featured in many magazines, and some of you may have attended her Goddess Pendent workshop at the Camp De’Benneville women’s retreat. Kat is offering two Goddess Pendant Necklace workshops for 6 adults each. All materials will be provided. At the end of this workshop, each participant will take home a beautiful Goddess Pendent of their own design. Adults only please

5-Course Italian Dinner Party with Wine

Donors: Vicki and Ted Myers
Date: Saturday February 17, 2018, 6:00 PM
Location: Home of Vicki and Ted Myers
Ph 480-848-4181 email Malapai1@cox.net

Can’t get to Italy? Join our table! Experience a delicious and authentic 5-course Italian dinner party shared with UU friends — without having to pack a suitcase. We’ll prepare your palate with an Aperitivo of Prosecco and small bites. The dinner menu is accompanied by wine, or other beverages, and includes: Antipasti, a Primi of Rigatoni with Porchini Sugo, a Secondi of Braciole di Manzo, a Zucca Arrostita Contorni and finally a light Dolce. Did we mention you should arrive hungry? Enjoy the conversation, the food, the company, the wine – and maybe work in your knowledge of Italian movies. Venite a mangiare! Adults only please.

Comfort Food Dinner

Donor: Rev. Margret A. O’Neall
Date: Friday, February 23, 2018, 6:00 PM

She can preach, but can she cook??? Come to UUCP to find out! Relax with your friends and enjoy a meal of comfort foods cooked by Rev. Margret: Moroccan Vegetable Stew, green salad, breads, dessert. Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Unlimited bids available on this item. Set price of $15/person or $30/family
Unlimited 2/23/2018 Everyone is welcome and encouraged to BUY NOW on this one.

String Quartet Performance for your Event

Donor: Open Strings (UUCP String Quartet)
Contact: Susan Morris
602-570-9647 email: morristutor28@gmail.com

One hour of beautiful music for your special occasion! Repertoire on violin, viola, cello, varies from classical to standards to ragtime, providing a classy ambiance to any gathering! Please allow plenty of advance notice to find a mutually agreed upon date for all parties. Must be planned well in advance.

Private Docent Tour of Heard Museum & Lunch with the Mitchells

Donor: Dr. Wayne & Marie Mitchell
Contact: ph 602-993-9592 email drwlmitch@msn.com

Dr. Wayne Mitchell is a lifetime Trustee of the Heard Museum and Sioux Indian. Wayne & Marie’s first date was at the Heard Museum in 1980 and is a very special place for them. Wayne will arrange for a docent to give a tour of the museum for two people followed by lunch with the Mitchell’s at the museum’s cafe. Must arrange museum tour and lunch with Mitchell’s at least 30 days in advance. Minimum bid of $74.00 please.
1 adult couple please. Arrange 30 days in advance.

Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight – Archaeology Trail Hike

Donor Vince Waldron – your guide
Meet at UUCP for the event
Saturday, February 24, 2018, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM (Rain date: March 3, 2018)
Vince: ComProfASU@gmail.com.

Vince Waldron will again lead an adventurous group of UUCP members and friends on a hike to see the Rock Art (petroglyphs) left behind by native people who inhabited our Valley more than a thousand years ago. Although most of us are unaware, the mountains surrounding our valley are rich in rock art, which often takes the form of animals, whorls, human-like figures, and mysterious designs. These are sacred places and we will view them from a respectful distance. Vince is a long-time avocational archaeologist and avid hiker.

This year’s adventure involves a modestly challenging hike, with some uphill walking over a rocky trail. We will likely gather on Saturday morning, February 24, at UUCP (coffee and bagels provided!), then carpool to our destination. Rain day: March 3. Up to 12 slots are available. Children who can hike are welcome. Wear sturdy shoes! $20.00 fixed price. Reach Vince at ComProfASU@gmail.com. The first 12 BUY NOW will win this fixed-price event.

New Mexico-style Green Chili Dinner

Donors: Terry and Glen Lockwood
Location: Lockwood home
Date February 24, 2018, 4:00 PM
Contact: ph 602-478-7924 email: gblockwood@gmail.com

Terry and Glen are pleased to be offering our delicious, mostly traditional, New Mexico-style Green Chile Dinner for six lucky winners. No need to fret – Terry is in charge of the recipes! – Glen just follows orders (barely). There will be plenty of vegetarian offerings and other food sensitivities may be able to be accommodated (please let us know). Scrumptious dessert(s) and suitable beverages will accompany the delicious fare, as well as good conversation! We can sequester the pets, but we do have 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Grown-Up Gala of Games & Hors d’oeurves

Donors: Richard Plattner, Susan Morris, Sam Kirkland and Michelle Morgan
When: Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Where: 9427 N 33rd Way, Phoenix, AZ 85028 (Kirkland/Morgan home)
Contact: skirk56@aol.com, 602-971-1488

Share a festive evening of gaming fun and food with Sam, Michele, Richard and Susan! Delight your palate with what you may wish to call either heavy hors d’oeurves or a light dinner – either way the fare is great! Games guaranteed to be fun for both competitive and non-competitive UUs! Ten lucky adults (21+) will be hosted for a night to remember! Adults only please

An Evening On the Dalmatian Coast

Donors: Jim Sorgatz & Josh Tures
March 10, 2018 6:00 PM
Location: Jim and Josh’s home
Contact: Josh ph: 602-326-0042

The Dalmatian Coast and surrounding islands are dazzling! To celebrate our recent trip to Croatia, Josh and Jim are presenting an Adriatic-themed evening including a multi-course dinner at a beautifully set table, with good food and the great camaraderie of fellow UUs. With the exception of seafood which can be outstanding, traditional Croatian food is not particularly interesting. Fortunately for us, the Romans occupied the area for a couple hundred years, so when we tired of the fish and shrimp staring back at us, delicious Italian meals were readily available. The dinner prepared by “chef” Jim will feature both. Josh will be uncorking a few bottles of wine acquired on the journey. Guests will also have the opportunity to sample olive oils and “medicinal” liqueurs from the countryside of Korcula Island. As always, the evening will include a few fun surprises. We plan to serve apps on the rooftop deck accessed via two standard flights of stairs. If not able to climb, we are happy to make alternate arrangements to accommodate. Adults only please.

Brunch and Books with Vince and Kathleen

Hosts: Vince and Kathleen Waldron
Open to: Adults and older teens
Location: Waldron home near Downtown Phoenix (Willo Historic Neighborhood — address will be sent to attendees)

Date: Saturday, March 17, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Bring a book (or two) that has been meaningful in your life and share with us why it is special to you! Get some great reading ideas! Enjoy a delicious brunch (eggs, fruit, bagels, …) while hanging out with UUs!
Two friendly dogs live with the Waldrons, but they won’t attend. 14 available seats. Fixed price of $15. The first 14 BUY NOW will win this fixed-price event. Adults and older teens.

Computer Services in your Home or Office – Two Hours

Donor: Jeff Newman
Contact: 602-469-3069; lingomanaz@gmail.com

Any issues with your devices? Of course! One lucky winner will have 2 hours of professional computer work at your place, minimum one hour each visit, specializing in PC/Windows, Android phones, also service for iPhone, iPad (no Mac, sorry). Find out what is keeping your device slow or glitchy or revive it from the blue screen of death! This service must be redeemed one year from date of the close of the auction. Arrange date and time in advance

Fresh Eggs from Cherilyn’s Chickens

Donor: Cherilyn Walley
Phone: 623-810-0969, email: cawalley@gmail.com
Cherilyn’s chickens are stepping up to the plate again this year. Two lucky winners will receive one dozen freshly laid eggs. Arrange with Cherilyn for delivery

Bocce Ball & BBQ

Donor: Bonnie White & Ed Cernek
Location: Home of Bonnie White & Ed Cernek
phone: 562-889-9404 email: bwhite95065@yahoo.com
Date: April 7, 2018, 3:30 PM

An afternoon and evening of friendly bocce ball competition while enjoying wine, beer, lemonade or iced tea with appetizers. After the tournament champion has been determined, a dinner of BBQ salmon, chicken, and steak will be served with all the sides. Of course, all this will culminate with a yummy dessert. No experience is needed. Last year’s event was a huge success! Alcohol will be served; so adults only please.

Professional Genealogy Research Instruction

Donor: Dr. Cherilyn Walley, Certified Genealogist
Phone: 623-810-0969, email: cawalley@gmail.com

Fantastic opportunity to begin or continue your personal genealogical exploration, with one 2-hour session of research instruction and assistance! Dr. Walley will help you to find and bring alive your family’s history under her experienced guidance. Arrange with Cherilyn for time and place

Latin Feast with Friends at Fuego Bistro, Phoenix

Donors: Sam Kirkland, Michele Morgan, Susan Morris, Richard Plattner
Latin Feast at Fuego Bistro
713 E. Palo Verde Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85014
Saturday, April 21, 2018, 6:30 PM

Join Sam, Michele, Susan and Richard as one of six lucky guests to partake of a sumptuous Latin Feast at Fuego Bistro. Revel in al fresco dining and live music while sampling signature dishes at this unique dining spot. Scintillating conversation guaranteed! Not to be missed! Adults only please.

Private Voice Lessons

Donor: Aaron Ford
Contact: aaronf486@gmail.com

Would you like to feel more confident and expressive as a singer, whatever your favorite style? I’m offering a series of three voice lessons in your home or at the UUCP, evenings or weekends, as mutually agreed upon.
Arrange in advance with Aaron for date and time.

Community Night Dance

Donor: Carolyn Allenby
Location: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix
Email: Carolyn Allenby, allenbyc@cox.net
Date: March 24, 2018, 6:30 PM

Come Promenade, Sashay and Link Elbows, to dance with fellow UUCP’ers and friends on Saturday, March 24, 2018, starting at 6:30 to 8:30 PM, or later if dancers and the caller wish. Professional caller Peg Hesley will teach us all we need to know in this community dance with live music. Spectators are welcome. If you’re on the dance floor, it’s best to join in. Childcare will be provided. Unlimited bids available on this item. Set price of $2.00 per dancer. Larger bids are very welcome to support the Capital Campaign. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to BUY NOW on this one!