No Hike April 9

UUCP is having a fundraiser auction on April 9. Please plan to attend and find some real treasures to take home. There will be no hike that day, so if you’re concerned about not getting in your exercise for the week, we have you covered! We have a variety of volunteer positions available both before and during the auction—sign up to volunteer now!

April 23, Hike with Us Near Payson

On April 23, Geoff Anderla will lead us all on one of the best hikes near Payson—Horton Creek. This hike is a beautiful walk through the forest along the creek with the reward of running water popping out of the ground at the top. It is mostly uphill and is 8.6 miles out and back. The question to ask is whether you can hike for 4.3 miles with only short breaks before you get to sit for a lunch break and then hike down 4.3 miles after sitting for a bit. Evaluate your level of fitness before going on any hike! Details about this hike will be available later.

March 26, We Hiked Granite Mountain

We had two groups hiking Saturday—the jackrabbits and the tortoises. Since we forgot to get a picture before we started, we only have the tortoises. If I get more, I will hopefully be able to get them posted.