Faith Development Schedule
January thru April 2019

Radically  Inclusive: Pillar One

Focus: Gender Expansiveness


In-Person classes at UUCP

“Transforming Hearts” Workshop – Alex Kapitan/Mykal Slack on Sunday, February 3rd 9:30am -12:30pm — watch the video on the UUCP YouTube channel, link on the home page

“Transgender Inclusion in Congregations” Webinar Viewing – Optional and Additional  group viewing and discussion with the Inclusion Team and fellow congregants.  Johnson Room, Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 PM.  Starting February 6th thru March 13th  Hosted by Inclusion Team

Philosophy of Sex – Len O’Brian – Dates, times, and location to be announced


On-Demand classes

Transgender Inclusion In Congregations – from the Transforming Hearts Collective

Six video lectures, with questions and resource links

This course was purchased by UUCP for congregations who want to take their knowledge and skills to the next level in terms of trans identity and how to create congregations that are fully inclusive and affirming of the full breadth of gender diversity. Over six sessions you will deeply explore the intersection of trans identity, spirituality, and faith community, and gain the grounding, context, and skills to transform yourself and your congregation. Each session includes a 45- to 60-minute lecture by Rev. Mykal Slack and Zr. Alex Kapitan, reflection questions, and resources that take the conversation deeper.

Trans Ally Toolkit

Available in print, or for download

Advocating for oneself in an uncertain climate is not sustainable. Allies are needed to help further the efforts of transgender people already fighting for their lives.

There are lots of great ways to be an active ally to transgender and gender non-conforming communities. We want to make sure that you have the right resources to best help the trans community.

This Trans Ally Toolkit, from the ACLU of Missouri, is a community-backed action guide for cultivating a world that is safe and welcoming for all genders.



You’re in the Wrong Bathroom
Debunks the twenty-one most common myths and misperceptions about transgender issues



Prayer for Trans Day of Visibility – Mr. Barb Grieve

UU General Assembly Votes to Change UU Sources to Include Non-Binary People

Two Trans UU Ministers Called to Settled Ministry

Transgender Day of Remembrance

UUA Transgender 101

Transgender Inclusion & Affirmation: Questions to Consider (PDF)

TRUUsT Calls on All Unitarian Universalists to Take Action to Support Trans UUs

Sylvia Rivera Law Project’s Trans 101

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Fight Like Hell for the Living



Here a Minister, They’re a Minister – Rev. KC Slack Sermon

Growing Up Transgender, Almost 60 years Apart

Coming Out Day! The VUU #232

Supporting Our Trans Community The VUU #235

Trans Faith and Formation with Jaelynn Scott



The VUU 235: Supporting Our Trans Community

The VUU 230:Trans Faith Formation with Jaelynn Scott

Are All Welcome Here? Congregational Engagement with Gender Identity – General Assembly 2015

A Voice From Within – UU World

Welcoming Congregation: A Drive Time Essay


Social Media Accounts

Alex Kapitan, Mykal Slack, Mr. Barb Greve, Rev. KC Slack, Marcus Fogliano, Gwen Warman, More Than Sex Ed., a project of Community Partners, Our Whole Lives, Transforming Hearts Collective, One n Ten, Them., The Trevor Project


Ways to Reflect and Discuss

Reflective Symposiums at UUCP – Sunday, February 24th 12:30-2:00 PM | Thursday, March 21st 6:45-8:30 pm | Thursday, April 4th 6:45-8:30 pm

“Transgender Inclusion in Congregations” Webinar Viewing – Optional and Additional  group viewing and discussion with the Inclusion Team and fellow congregantsin the Johnson Room, Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 PM – Starting February 6th thru March 13th  Hosted by Inclusion team

Inclusion Ministry Team Meetings – Ministers Office 1st and 3rd Saturdays at noon

Inclusion Ministry Team Chats – Sunday between Services in the Johnson Room


Justice Centered: Pillar Two

Focus: Racial Justice


In-Person Classes At UUCP

Racial Justice Collaborative – Anthony Johnson – 2nd Monday of the Month 6:30-8:30 PM in Annex B


On-Demand classes

Allies for Racial Equity Getting at The Root: Webinar Series (link to YouTube here)

Allies for Racial Equity, in collaboration with the Church of the Larger Fellowship, is offering a series of free webinars to support racial justice efforts.

BLUUbox monthly subscription (link to BLUUbox here)

With content grounded in the lived experiences and diverse perspectives of Black Unitarian Universalists, this subscription box is a wholly unique opportunity to connect one’s beliefs to faith – led action while building community with others who are dedicated to justice-making and liberation through our shared faith.



White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism  by Robin DiAngelo (link to UUA Bookstore here)
New York Times Bestseller and groundbreaking book exploring the counterproductive reactions white people have when discussing racism that serve to protect their positions and maintain racial inequality.



Links to articles:

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack – Peggy McIntosh, Ph.D.
A User’s Guide to White Privilege – Cynthia Kaufman
White Supremacy Culture – Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun, ChangeWork, 2001
From White Racist to White Anti-racist – Tema Okun
Reflection on July 11th, 2016 – Kenny Wiley
This Particular Call – Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer
A Dangerous Vision – Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer

Lessons from the Life of Malcolm X – Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer
MLK’s God – Rev. Aaron White
10 Ways to be an Ally – Christopher Bowers
Becoming an Ally – Breaking the Cycle of Oppression – Anne Bishop
Race is always part of the story – Robert Jensen
Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism (excerpt) – James Loewen
James Loewen’s Fight to Get Heard – Lauren Zanolli about James Loewen’s book “Sundown Towns”
Tools for White Guys Who are Working for Social Change – Chris Crass
Towards a Radical White Identity – Susan Goldbery and Cameron Levin
Silenced Knowings, Forgotten Springs: Paths to Healing in the Wake of Colonialism – Helene Shulman Lorenz, Ph.D. and Mary Watkins, Ph.D
UUA on Racial Justice
What Churches Learn when they proclaim Black Lives Matter
Five ways to Support Black Lives Matter
White Supremacy Culture



Dr. Cornel West: Race Matters
Ta-Nehesi Coates: Politics, Protest and Pop Culture
Ta-Nehesi Coates: On Entrenched Racial Myths
Dr. Martin Luther King: What is Your Life’s Blueprint?
Black Lives Unitarian Universalist with Dr. Takiyah Nur Amin The VUU #229
The Commission on Institutional Change The VUU #226
Michelle Alexander:  author of “The New Jim Crow ; Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”  delivers the 30th annual George E. Kent Lecture
Michelle Alexander: The Future of Race in America, TEDx Talk

Black Pioneers in a White Denomination – Rev. Mark Morrison Reed


Black Lives Unitarian Universalist with Dr. Takiyah Nur Amin The VUU #229
The Commission on Institutional Change The VUU #226


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Ways to Reflect and Discuss

Reflective Symposiums at UUCP – Thursday, February 14th 8:00-9:30 am, Thursday, March 7th 6:45-8:30 pm, Sunday, April 14th 12:00-1:30 pm

Racial Justice Collaborative  -Anthony Johnson – 2nd Monday of the Month 6:30-8:30 PM in Annex B


Theologically Diverse: Pillar Three

Focus: Indigenous Spirituality


In-Person classes at UUCP

Spiritual Practices – Facilitator: Anthony Johnson. 1/24, 2/14, 3/14, 4/11, 5/9, 6/6; 6:45 PM – 8:30 PM in the Sanctuary

Spiritual practice creates an intentional pause in our lives at regular intervals so that we may better know the contents of our souls. It is a way to meet the self and learn about our deepest longings. It is also a way to draw into closer relationship with that which is larger than us. The objective of these sessions is to help you deepen your spiritual life by engaging in a daily practice, weekly worship, monthly service, yearly retreat, and one-time pilgrimage. Attend all 13 sessions, or choose the practices that appeal to you.

Long Strange Trip – A Journey Through UU History Facilitator: Roy Miller. Six Monday evenings, January 14-February 18 from 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

Do you wonder about the origins of Unitarianism and Universalism? How did the two religions evolve into “liberal” faiths with a strong focus on social justice?  What prominent role did women play? What is the only documented UU “miracle”? The six-week course Long Strange Trip traces our history from the beginning of the Christian era to what we know today as Unitarian Universalism. Each class explores the challenges of a time period in our history, and the implications for our liberal faith tradition today. Register at


On-Demand classes

Earth Based Spirituality: An Indigenous Paradigm Webinar (link to website here)

Christopher Peters (Pohlik-lah/Karuk) was born and raised on his people’s territories in northwestern California. Chris is President and CEO of Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development — a Native-led Indigenous Peoples public foundation. For more than 35 years his work has focused on grassroots social justice organizing, protecting sacred sites, working for holistic community renewal, rebuilding traditional economies, and supporting cultural revitalization efforts.

Sacred Space Online Classes and Webinars: Native American, First Nations, and Indigenous Peoples (NAFNI) (link to website here)

Sacred Space Online Learning (SSOL) seeks to provide individuals with information about religious, spiritual, or faith-based online resources from a variety of sources. Discover information that focuses on Native American studies, First Nations studies, and various Indigenous Peoples. Courses and webinars.

Building Respectful Relationships with Indigenous People (link to website here)

As we attempt to better connect with Native American populations, we need some guiding frameworks. Sally Thompson led an interactive discussion about how her work was transformed by working with native populations. She shared her story and the lessons she learned along the way, in hopes of leaving participants with some practical tips that can guide their work with indigenous populations.



African Traditional Religions In Contemporary Society by Jacob K. Olupono

Once relegated to the realm of “primitive” and stigmatized as “pagan,” today there is a new acknowledgment of the importance of African traditional religions, especially in its stress on folk practices, communal values, and personal relationships.

God is Red: A Native View of Religion by Vine Deloria Jr.

First published in 1972, Vine Deloria Jr.’s God Is Red remains the seminal work on Native religious views, asking new questions about our species and our ultimate fate.



“The Growing Indigenous Spiritual Movement that could Save the Planet”

The Spirituality of Africa, Jacob Olupono

American Indian Belief Systems and Traditional Practices

Nature Spirituality

Native American Spirituality, Caroline Myss

What is Aboriginal Spirituality?

Maya Religion

I left Christianity for an Ancient African Faith, Nakia Brown

European Indigenous Religion Traditions, Cara Schultz

Engaging Our Theological DiversityThe Commission on Appraisal of the UUA

Dealing with Theological Diversity in Local Congregations

Theological Diversity as a Means of Grace



Centering Theology with Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt

Does Unitarian Universalism Have a Theology? Sermon, Rev. Fred Howard

Theological Diversity, UUFC Sermon

Are all Humanists Atheists? Minnesota Valley UU Fellowship



African Indigenous Spiritualities Podcasts

Coffee with My Ma

Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo



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Ways to Reflect and Discuss

Reflective Symposiums at UUCP  – Thursday, February 21st 6:45-8:15 pm | Sunday, March 24th 12:30-2:00 pm | Thursday, April,18th 6:45-8:30 pm