As part of UUCP’s commitment to inclusion, we will be hosting viewings and discussions of the film “Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution”. Wikipedia describes it as a 2020 American documentary film directed, written and co-produced by Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht. Barack and Michelle Obama serve as executive producers under their Higher Ground Productions banner.  It received a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Crip Camp: Fighting for Access (while Reclaiming Language)  “At Camp Jened, (which the kids called “Crip Camp”) these kids are suddenly not on the margins, they’re at the center of things, falling in love, having the time of their unusually-sheltered lives. We watch them grow into the fierce adults who put their bodies on the line to fight for the Americans with Disabilities Act and changed the world for people of all abilities.”
UU member Jill Story will be hosting movie watch parties via Zoom on Monday, 9/21, at 7 pm and on Saturday, 10/3, at 7 pm, and then facilitating a Zoom discussion session on Monday, 10/5, at 7 pm. (You can also watch the movie on Netflix on your own, if you prefer.)
To sign up for a watch party and/or the discussion session, please email  Sign ups are preferred but not required.  Zoom links will be posted in Compass.

2020 Fall Virtual Class Schedule

UUCP will be offering a number of opportunities for learning and discussion beginning in mid-September, 2020. You can register for any of these with the links on this page.

Human Nature Book GroUUp — led by Lucia de Vernai


Beginning this fall, we will be exploring the spiritual, philosophical and scientific ideas that contribute to our understanding of the human condition.

The first reading selection is “Humankind: A Hopeful History” by Rutger Bergman.

We will meet every other Monday, 7-8:30, beginning Sep 14.  Group size will be limited to 12.

If you have questions, please contact Lucia at


Cakes for the Queen of Heaven — led by Pat Reed


Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” is a woman honoring adult RE curriculum from the Unitarian Universalist Association. It examines pre-Judeo Christian cultures that may have worshiped the female as divine. The concepts of equality and reverence for the female in a religious setting are eye-opening to many participants.

This 11 session workshop examines important elements of today’s women’s lives; personal, interpersonal and societal. It examines how our culture has been influenced by Judeo Christian values. The primary question raised is: How would your life have been different if, when growing up, the divine had been imaged as female? Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and beliefs, creating trust and strong bonds of friendship.

We will meet Tuesdays, 7-8:30, beginning Sep 15. This class is for women only. If you have questions, please contact Pat at


Varieties of Spiritual Practice — led by Bonné de Blas


Spiritual practice can take many forms.  This curriculum from the Dallas UU’s Faith Forward series helps participants deepen their spiritual lives through exploring and experiencing a variety of spiritual practices. The focus is on experiencing the practices rather than talking about them, so participants are encouraged to engage fully through listening and practicing.

We will meet Wednesdays, 7-8:30, beginning Sep 16, for approximately 10 sessions. If you have questions, please contact Bonné at


The Sermons of E. Burdette Backus — led by Roy Miller


Let’s take an hour each week to study the sermons of E. Burdette Backus. He was an early minister of the UUCP in its formative years and his sermons are contained in a book called “Timely and Timeless,” and they are indeed relevant today.  I or a volunteer from the group will read a selected sermon (previously distributed, takes about 30 minutes), and then we will discuss it for about 30 minutes.  We will plan for four Zoom sessions initially with day and time to be determined by the preference of the group. If you have questions, please contact Roy at


Reference Materials

Radically Inclusive: Pillar One

Focus: NeuroInclusion


  • Neurotribes by Steve Silberman 


Mental Illness

“Why It’s Incredibly Problematic to Call White Supremacists Insane”  by Alex Kapitan


“What is ADHD?” by the ADHD Editorial Board


“About Autism from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network

“Autism FAQ” by Lydia X. Z. Brown

“‘It’s A Spectrum’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think” by C.L. Lynch

“Identity First Language” by Lydia X. Z. Brown
(The use of ‘autistic person’ vs ‘person with autism’)

“Low Functioning” by Rhi Lloyd-Williams
(What an autistic meltdown can feel like)

“Thinking About Patterns of Opposite Extremes Among Autistic People” by Lydia X. Z. Brown


Neurodivergent Rebel series
(An autistic person’s video blog on life with autism)

“Experience What Autism Might Feel Like” by Robert J. Szczerba 

(Videos that simulate the experience of autism)


Mental Illness

Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsay, and Isaac 


(An online game that simulates the experience of clinical depression)


UU Mental Health Network

Justice Centered: Pillar Two

Focus: Earth Justice

Please see the Earth Justice web page for resources.

Theologically Diverse:  Pillar Three