We don’t usually get a chance to meet and welcome refugee families, especially the children, or to see how they are doing after they have been here for several months. We don’t see what a challenge it is to try and fit into a new culture, learn English, find a job, make ends meet for your family, and earn a minimal income. If you are one of the lucky ones who volunteers to tutor at Maryland School, you are may be helping some of these kids with math or their letter sounds, sight word lists, and trying to explain some of the things they are reading about. These students may already know two languages, but now it’s time for English, which is not an easy one.


Even though we haven’t met them, we would like them to know that we care about their success in this country. We’d like to give you an opportunity to do that, by joining us in providing some clothing and gifts for children at Maryland School whose families arrived in the last year.  Beginning the Sunday after Thanksgiving, there will be a display at the back table of names and items needed. Contributions will also be appreciated toward grocery gift cards for the family. Our plan is to have these gifts ready by Sunday, December 15th so families can pick them up before students leave for winter break. This is your chance to live out our hope of making love real for a group of strangers in our midst, to show them how we feel a connection to them.