NEXT DELIVERY: February 1st  



Our friends in the Navajo Nation continue to need our support as cases of COVID and recovery are still such a challenge. Like most of Arizona the number of cases has risen and illness takes down whole families, but unlike other areas, resources are limited, some supplies are really scarce, and distances are great.


The community outreach people, and a small group of family and friends we supply, deliver the food/health/cleaning materials, cook, clean, do laundry, bring firewood, and give social-emotional support to many in the wider community. They have become a valued resource and are extremely grateful to UUCP for helping make this assistance possible.


We are collecting for delivery at the beginning of February and would appreciate your donations of money (online or check to UUCP), or willingness to shop for supplies.  Many thanks for your assistance – spreading care and concern is a small way we can help provide an antidote to a spreading virus.