• Schedule: 5 sessions on Mondays from 6:30 – 8:00pm, starting February 6 on Zoom only
    • Facilitator: Diana Edwards
    • Maximum # of Participants: 8
    1. What is the spiritual state we wish to experience?
    2. What blocks us?
    3. How does scientific psychology assist in removing the blocks?

    This class will reference spiritual teachings to clarify what blocks us; to point to spiritual paths that can be helpful; and to clarify what psychological principles and tools can assist us in unblocking. Some blocks to knowing our Oneness are stress, anger, sadness, and longing. There will be specific experiments and tools offered in the class to back up the teaching. You will be encouraged to do 15 minutes of daily homework to further strengthen your understanding and application of the tools. This class is for deepening of joy rather than therapy for anything. Share only examples of your choosing.

    If you get this joke, this class may be for you:

    QUESTION: “How do a group of Yogis order a pizza?” 
    ANSWER: “We’ll have One with Everything.”

    It’s a small group experience in 5 weeks. Another benefit for participants is to have conversational topics at coffee hour with their new friends.