We are so fortunate to have the Mavericks Art Quilters (Mavericks) currently showing in our sanctuary.  Unfortunately, this art show comes at the time when UUCP will be closed for some time.  The photos in the video above will give you an idea of the amazing work in each of the pieces, even though we can’t see it live.  The group has agreed to leave the quilts up.

Most of the pieces are for sale; if not for sale, they are marked NFS per the artist’s request. If you are interested in purchasing a quilt, email our administrator, Stephanie Breidel-Vigil, at administrator@phoenixuu.org . Payment would be a check to the artist for 80% of the value and a check to UUCP for 20% of the value.  Once that is done, contact Bill Snowden on the Sanctuary Art Team to pick up your purchased piece.

The Mavericks have been meeting in the valley for a number of years, with a goal of making and showing art quilts rather than traditional styles of quilting.  Their meetings sometimes include demo sessions done by the more experienced quilters, to teach various techniques. The members have a wide range of abilities and education ranging from home quilters interested in the art quilts to professional quilters with a Masters degree in Fine Arts.  The individual quilts are also designed by the person who made them rather than following more common patterns.

UUCP does have a connection with the Mavericks.  Both Joan Gale and Sharon Hise of our congregation were members at one time and arranged for quilts to be hung in the sanctuary.  Wanda Seal is the mother-in-law of Susan Manker-Seal our past Minister Emeritus, Ray Manker’s daughter.  It was at Rev. Manker’s wake that arrangements were formed with Wanda to have this showing.