The November 27 hike to Fat Man’s Pass in South Mountain Park was one of the more interesting hikes our group does. We conquered the first challenge of making it through the tight squeeze between the huge boulders. Next came the crawl through the tight space, feet first, to slide down a very slippery boulder to the sandy wash. With some other slides along the way, this hike proved to be very fun for many and a bit challenging for others. The elevation gain of almost 1000 feet in the first half mile or so definitely got everyone’s heart rate going. 

We welcome the new folks that joined us for the first time Saturday, bringing our group to 14 hikers. We enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again in the near future! 

The day was finished off with lunch at The Farm, an outdoor cafe at 6101 S. 32nd Street, noted for its organic greens and good food.  

The next hike will be December 11 in the Superstitions! This is going to be a more moderate hike that is 5.6 miles long. As always, read the hike flyer to determine whether this hike is for you. A realistic evaluation of your fitness level is always recommended. 

Save the date for New Year’s Day. For the last three years—prior to last year—we have had our New Year’s Day hike at Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve. That almost makes it a tradition, right? We will be hiking there again this year, and the New Year’s Day potluck will be held at our house outside on the patio. Stay tuned for all the details. This is a very popular event. Whether you choose to hike only, eat only, or hike and eat, it is a great way to start the new year.

We have a reservation at Sunset Crater National Monument for a spring campout May 20-22. Detailed information will be coming as we get closer to the date. Put it on your calendar to save the date! You will not want to miss this!

As we resume hiking, we will need to be socially distanced. At the beginning of each hike, we will gather to introduce ourselves, masked, and ask what everyone is comfortable with. We will also make room for everyone to talk about what they are not comfortable with. This is to be part of the normal discussion, and we ask that you speak out about what you are not comfortable with. Stay safe, and I hope to see you soon, live and in person, 6 feet away.

To lead a hike or if you have questions, please contact

– Bonnie White