Speaker: Gary Ezzell

I to We

Led by Gary Ezzell, with Worship Associate Sam Kirkland

At the heart of every religious and spiritual movement is the recognition that our sense of “separateness” is partially illusory. Nationally, we may be beginning the next 100-year cycle of emphasizing community over individualism. Let’s acknowledge that … read more.


There are many important milestones in our lives, and even during a pandemic, these thresholds continue. This Sunday we will breaking down three important ones: graduation/adulthood, family life, and retirement.

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Entire 5/17 Service:

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Like a Child Again

Children’s brains and adults’ brains process things differently.  Our adult brains learn to be efficient and ignore much of what comes in.   Children pay much more attention to everything around them and see surprising associations.  It is not efficient, but it is wonder-full.  Can our … read more.