Speaker: Katie Resendiz

We are You too

The community at UUCP is central to many of our faith paths, and our campus itself is a sacred place to many. For some, it is a place to disconnect from our weekday lives, but for the staff of UUCP, professional lives, personal beliefs, and … read more.

YRUU Service: Activism In Our Lives

In 1903, child textile workers marched from Philadelphia to New York City to demand fair labor standards. Desegregation, nuclear disarmament, voting rights, and the Dream Act- all moments when youth and children forced change in our country. Join UUCP’s high school group (YRUU) to look … read more.

Super U, Super UU

Join the children of our community and the children’s ministry team to explore how Superheroes fit into our principles and values. Does Batman always defer to inherent worth and dignity? Are villains just pursing their independent search for truth and meaning? We’ll tackle some really … read more.

Youth Coming of Age Service 10:30 AM

This year our 7th and 8th graders have joined on an amazing adventure. Coming of Age has been a chance for our middle schoolers to deepen their spiritual growth. The class has learned what others believe, analyzed UU values, served others, and all along, reflected … read more.

Pet Service

This special Thursday evening all-ages service honors the pets in our lives and our families. Pets are welcome, on leashes or in terrariums or carriers. Photographs of pets are also welcome, including those unable to attend and those we hold in memory.