Speaker: Susan Goldsmith

Choosing Our Stories

Our brains and our worlds are dense with stories. The stories we choose to dwell in and to speak aloud can block changes we might need to make, can help us through steady changes, can lead us to revitalizing transformations. May we choose wisely!
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Counting Blessings

When, as a small child, I visited my grandmother, she would come to the bedroom to tuck me in and would always remind me to count my blessings before I dropped off to sleep. Then snap, out went the light, she was gone, and I … read more.

Navigating Change with Humility 10:30 AM

When asked to name spiritual qualities, humility is not often the first thing we mention; we may not mention it at all.  But in negotiating a rapidly changing world, might humility be one of our spiritual keys?

Intentions in Tension

Most of us hold on to many intentions. They may be big or small, individual or communal, ambitious or not, lofty or not. This morning we will explore how we might name our intentions, reduce the tensions among them and use them to move from … read more.