YRUU Service: Activism In Our Lives

In 1903, child textile workers marched from Philadelphia to New York City to demand fair labor standards. Desegregation, nuclear disarmament, voting rights, and the Dream Act- all moments when youth and children forced change in our country. Join UUCP’s high school group (YRUU) to look … read more.

YRUU Flower Communion 10:30 AM

Community members are asked to each bring a flower to service. Flower Communion celebrates the beauty, strength, and diversity of community and, in our congregation, marks the end of the Sunday School year. This year our ritual will be lead by our high school group … read more.

YRUU Intention Service

YRUU invites you to our service on March 29th. We will be introducing different takes on the meaning of intention and showcasing the talents of our youth group. We hope to create a better understanding of the teenage brain and how we make decisions.