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Who are we?     Who shall we be?

These are the questions that our UUCP congregation will be asking as we have called the Rev. Christine Dance as our settled minister, and prepare for the exploration and discoveries that await us in this new time.  This we know:  We are who we are now because we have been living into our vision of being a community of love and hope, inclusiveness and justice. In the face of division and exclusion around us, we hold ourselves to the promise that we and our society can be better, and we act to make it so.

Let us continue to live into our promise.

There is work to be done to make ourselves even stronger and more inviting, even more effective in our community, even more nurturing to our children, and even more inviting to prospective ministers. Let us send a message of strength and readiness to candidates who will be evaluating our commitment to our vision.

This will be an exceptionally important year in the history of UUCP.

For over 75 years we have been a chalice where rationality and spirit come together and ignite a fire of commitment.  We can be even brighter.

This is our promise. Let us live into it.

  • Increase the capacity and frequency of the Our Whole Lives (OWL) program for children and adults
  • Expand the Children’s Ministry curriculum for depth and engagement, and rebuild programs that connect across the generations
  • Build on our work in anti-racism and anti-oppression through speakers, programs, workshops and other opportunities for learning and engagement
  • Expand capacity development and deepening spiritual exploration for those in leadership positions
  • Deepen connections among ourselves through service, social action and community-building
  • Increase access and participation in Adult Faith Development opportunities
  • Sustain and expand American Sign Language (ASL) translation for greater inclusion
  • Support Living Wage and Fair Employment practices by fully implementing them with our own staf
  • Assure a powerful presence for social justice through strong partnerships and showing up
  • Prepare a strong foundation for the next ministry



Who are we now as a congregation?

As a group we are engaged across many dimensions, with individual members connecting and contributing to the activities that move them most deeply.  We see that in our vibrant music program, our growing children’s ministry,  our committed justice work, our art displays, our pastoral outreach, our community nights, and our Worship Associates contributions to our inspiring Sunday services. We, the members and friends of UUCP, make this community our beloved home through our collective commitments to serve each other, and in doing so we each grow in spirit.

This is why we do what we do.