Saturday, January 30, 7:00 – 8:30 PM



On the evening of January 30th, we will be hosting an exciting live virtual event, “Adventure Tales – A Radically Inclusive Evening.” This will be a narrated evening of storytelling and music, where we show storytelling videos you have submitted. 



A Storytelling Event


We want UUCP Members and Friends to tell their own stories!  If you haven’t been to a storytelling event before, you can go to to listen to other people tell their story and gain a few pointers.  You can also listen to their LIVE STORIES every Thursday! 

Free Storytelling Workshops   

Sign up now, with no obligation to tell a story! Dec. 2nd or Dec. 12th.

We have the nationally renowned Storytellers Project’s very own Megan Finnerty and her mentor, Liz Warren, each hosting a Zoom workshop on storytelling for UUCP members and friends. This is a very special opportunity to learn how to develop or improve your storytelling skills. Please click on the date you wish to attend the workshop and fill out the registration form. 

Think About a Story to Tell 

For this to be a success, we need to have your story.
We are encouraging members and friends to record their personal adventure tale to share with a UUCP audience of all ages.  Of course, adventures (synonyms: exploit, escapade, deed, feat, trial, experience, incident, occurrence, event, happening, episode, affair, stunt, caper) can take many forms, such as adventures in: Cooking, adjusting to a new place, traveling, careers, the outdoors, the indoors, COVID-19 experiences, etc. We are, after all, striving for radical inclusivity! 

Know another great storyteller? Reach out to them to see if they would be willing to record and submit a story, or better yet, nominate them using the link below.  The committee will contact them to encourage them to tell their story. Let’s make this an evening of finding out more about who we are, what we do and how we have fun.

Interested?  Click on a link below, fill out the form, and someone from the committee will contact you to answer any questions you may have:

Not all stories will fit into the hour and a half program. However, all stories that meet the guidelines will be shared later, on the UUCP website, to be available for viewing.   

Interested in Submitting a Story? 

Click to Learn More about Story Guidelines and how to Submit Your Story

This is our UUCP fundraiser for the year, so we want it to be a moneymaker! We have radically inclusive pricing to make that happen. If you normally go to an auction or donate events or items to the auction, we are asking you to dig in and pay what you would typically spend at the auction. Dig deep!!  

For those of you who have a tighter budget, see how a $20.00 ticket fits into your life. And for those on a very tight budget, maybe a $1.00 ticket will fit your budget.

A Donation Buys You a Ticket to the Live Virtual Event.

We will send you the link to the virtual event ahead of time. Choose any one of the following ways to donate:

  • Click the Donate button to donate through PayPal OR With a Credit Card:
  • Click the Giving Online button to donate through Realm:
  • You can also Text 73256 (select General Donation and note Fundraiser in the memo line) 
  • Write a check to UUCP (note Fundraiser in the memo line) and mail to 4027 E. Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley AZ 85253
  • Or scan the QR code below