Topic: Balance/Sun & Moon

The Promises We Make

Martin Buber famously declared that we human beings are the “promise-making, promise-keeping, promise-breaking, promise-renewing” animal.  What are the promises we make to each other in this community of faith, and how do we balance and integrate the promises of the past and an emerging future?

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Music Sunday: Street Requiem

UUCP’s congregation choir, in collaboration with Valley UU’s choir and a chamber orchestra, presents Street Requiem, a ten-movement contemporary choral work dedicated to those who have died on the street. A musical exploration of homelessness and violence, it is challenging, reverent and ultimately optimistic.


Thriving faith communities offer a balance of connection and commitment that both sustains our lives and offers opportunities to serve.  On this Connection Sunday, we celebrate those who lead and serve, and explore the love that binds us into creative and sustaining community.

Yin and Yang

A core principle in traditional philosophies is the inherent and healthy balance between the forces of darkness and light, feminine and masculine, assertive and receptive. How do we create balance in our lives so that we are both active and nourished by sources of outer … read more.