Topic: Creativity and Quail

Day of Memory

On this weekend of Memorial Day, dedicated to remembering the lives of those who have died in military service, we remind ourselves that the act of remembering is, in itself, a sacred act that weaves the larger ongoing pattern of life.

Text of … read more.

YRUU Service: Activism In Our Lives

In 1903, child textile workers marched from Philadelphia to New York City to demand fair labor standards. Desegregation, nuclear disarmament, voting rights, and the Dream Act- all moments when youth and children forced change in our country. Join UUCP’s high school group (YRUU) to look … read more.

Love in a Bouquet

The Flower Communion celebrates our common unity in all our beauty and diversity, the love that holds us in active covenant, and our bright presence in the world. Today we also bridge our youth into their adult UU identity. Please bring a flower to share … read more.

Understanding the Web of Oppression

Continuing to explore our challenge to White Supremacy, we explore the systems of socialization that condition us to be, act and perform to keep oppression in place. This service, and the workshop that follows, engage us in going deeper to be justice-centered in a complex … read more.