Topic: Democracy

UU The Vote

We are two weeks from the October 5th deadline to register to vote. The anxiety about the election is running high. The stakes have not been higher in our lifetimes. What is our Unitarian Universalist and moral responsibility to our democracy? Where is our power? … read more.


In this time of Thanksgiving, we welcome children into this congregation with a ceremony of dedication, committing to support the child and family as they grow.  Commitment and gratitude are gifts that we can give our children as they navigate their way through a complex … read more.


Your voice is clear. In this traditional service of Bread Communion, Search Committee members share some of the voices we have gathered from the congregation, in a chorus that has inspired us in our search for your minister. All are welcome to bring bread to … read more.

Democracy, Through My Eyes

When I first learned that the word “Democracy” was nowhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, I was startled. Our government is a Democracy! It turns out our Founders actually feared democratic rule, preferring the word “Republic.” What is the difference; what … read more.

Justice Across Borders

Throughout the world, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) works with local partners to advance human rights, dismantle systems of oppression, and uplift the inherent worth and dignity of all people. We are all part of this historic justice work, foundational to our UU presence … read more.