Topic: Emergence/Wildflowers

My Top 10: What I’ll Cherish from UUCP

Near the end of our week-long youth camps at DeBenneville Pines, the campers stay up all night and create “Top Ten” lists that capture the highlights from the week, some serious but mostly comical. For his final sermon, Emrys will offer his own Top Ten … read more.

How We Change The World

Trying times such as these are also the ideal environment for the emergence of countervailing power. This morning, Rev. Nathan Hollister will speak to the unique role we are called to, as Unitarian Universalists, in building the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Rev. … read more.

Call and Commitment

Ministry is the act of putting into action our programs, desires and commitments — an act of leadership and service to a higher good. As this congregation elects the Ministerial Search Committee, we consider, what is the ministry to which we are called, and to … read more.

Living Into Our Promise

Since 1946, Unitarian Universalists have congregated here, seeking community, working to create a better world.  From those days of things remembered the promise has emerged, growing in power and presence, a beacon that shines with hope.  How do we build on our heritage to live … read more.