Topic: Peace

Light in the Darkness

Night falls earlier, the air cools, the dark time of winter solstice affects us even in the desert. Around the world and through the ages, people bring light to lift the gloom, to bring hope, inviting the sun to return. How shall we … read more.

Of Bone and Sinew

Ellen Craft and her husband William escaped American Slavery on an amazing journey of 1,000 miles in search of peace and freedom. Clutching their dream of having children born as free persons, born of free bone and sinew, their saga is one of the most … read more.

Simple Gifts

The holiday season always seems to signal More! Bigger! Newer! Faster! in every aspect of our lives. Even as we enjoy the amenities of modern life, there is wisdom in considering Smaller-Simpler-Slower to create meaningful celebrations of light in the darkening season.

Text … read more.

YRUU Service: Inner Peace 10:30 AM

Do you remember being in high school? It hasn’t gotten any easier. Join our Youth in listening to their reflections on the importance of finding inner peace (and what they do to find it) in the midst of the hectic pace and pressures of being … read more.

Our Sacred Mothers 10:30 AM

We know the stories of many of the prominent world religious leaders, but what about their mothers? We will explore what we know of the sacred mothers of the world.


Let the Mystery Be 10:30 AM

There is much in life that we may never know. How is learning to let the mystery be a path to peace? The theme for this service was chosen by our “Choose the Sermon” auction winner, Caitlin Gaspar. Finding peace with the unknown, with not … read more.