Topic: Perseverance and Tortoise


Unitarian Universalists provided leadership in reaching moral victories such as abolition, women’s suffrage, equal marriage; however, since the election, policy changes affecting race relations, climate change, income inequality, immigration, and more assault us continually. How can we sustain ourselves as we resist divisiveness and hate? … read more.

Super U, Super UU

Join the children of our community and the children’s ministry team to explore how Superheroes fit into our principles and values. Does Batman always defer to inherent worth and dignity? Are villains just pursing their independent search for truth and meaning? We’ll tackle some really … read more.

Searching for the Future

The focus of this transitional time is preparing for the future. That includes understanding the rich heritage here, preparing for new ministerial leadership, electing the team to conduct the search on behalf of the congregation, and supporting the search. Every voice, every perspective, is vital … read more.