Topic: Renewal/Monsoon

Justice Centered Through a Lifetime

What does it mean to be justice centered in different contexts, in different times of our lives? Members of the UUCP Justice Teams share their stories – what they have experienced, what they have learned, what inspires them as they live into their call.

Embrace the Elephant

We talk a lot about elephants as a metaphor for something large and mysterious – the elephant in the room, or perhaps perceiving parts of the elephant without understanding the whole. How do we learn to embrace, to cherish, to engage with the elephants in … read more.

Beyond Belief

Unitarian Universalists have been called “freethinking mystics with hands” – faithful people who will not be bound to a static creed, and who commit to a practical religion, a religious practice of making a difference. What does it mean to be part of a religion … read more.


Summer is a time for renewal — a time to change the pattern, to replenish our resources, to re-create ourselves. The Jewish mystical Kabbalah tradition speaks of Tikkun olam, which translates as “repairing the world.” As people of faith, we are called to repair the … read more.

Nourishing Each Other

Nourishing and being nourished is part of our life in community, a source of renewal for our minds, bodies and spirits. Nourishing each other in mutuality supports our mission to welcome all, building religious community as we are called to share journeys, grow in spirit, … read more.

Randomizing Life

Have you ever looked out your window and asked “what am I missing?” What if you stepped outside your normal routine and experienced life through the eyes of a stranger? A man named Max asked himself these questions and created an app that led him … read more.

Crowdsourced Hymn Sing

Join us for an interactive morning of singing from our Unitarian Universalist hymnals. Attendees will be chosen at random to select songs, so you may get to choose your favorite- or to try something that we’ve never sung before!


What is “pilgrimage”? Jan will share some reflections from her recent walking pilgrimages through Spain and Portugal. We’ll look at pilgrimage as an allegory, and how it might be relevant to all of our life journeys and renewal.

There will be an ASL interpreter at this … read more.