• Schedule: Six 90-minute Zoom sessions on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm AZ time, starting January 10 and ending June 13
  • Facilitators: Joan Gale, Jenny Jones, and Diana Edwards

You know that your values and ideas have been absorbed through the culture you grew up in. You know that there are discrepancies between what you grew up believing, and the reality experienced by people of color. How do you feel about that? Embarrassed? Defensive? Unsure? How can you get started on those uncomfortable conversations and better understand the life obstacles people of color must navigate, and how can you help be part of the solution? How do we find a deeper meaning, understand the world and our own reactions to racial strife in America today, and better align our actions with our UU values?

White people are called to educate themselves, and this is an opportunity to hear directly from a black man. Using the book “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” by Emmanuel Acho, we will look at the history of those ideas and words we use every day that can be problematic and hurtful for people of color. The author also offers ideas of how things look today and what we as individuals can do about resolving problems. Each month we will explore two chapters that cover topics such as:  Black or African American, The Angry Black Men, Who’s Governing the Government, The Interracial Family, How to be an Ally, and more. 

We will encourage reflection and discussion in a non-judgmental environment to explore our own past learning about race and how it might be influenced by deeper understanding.