• Schedule: Sundays, January 29 & February 12; 12:00pm in person or on Zoom
  • Facilitator: Bill Snowden & Joan Gale
  • Maximum # of Participants: 10

Also called a “UU Soundbite”—how would you describe UUism in a few sentences to an acquaintance or a visitor? Many of us struggle to explain what UUism is and why it appeals to us in a manner that is succinct and effective. 

In the first session, we will emphasize the difference between this idea of an elevator speech and a credo. An elevator speech is a statement of who we are collectively as a faith community, while a credo is a statement of personal belief. Then we will discuss characteristics of an effective elevator speech, look at some examples, and then take time to work on our own. In the second session, we will share what we have written by role play, asking “So what is Unitarian Universalism?”, listening to a response, and asking follow-up questions. By the end of the class, we’ll be better prepared to explain who we are and our approach to life.