Results of elections June 9, 2019:


Board of Trustees:

Jonny Lifshitz (President) 2018-2020

Bunny Hodas (Vice President) 2018-2020

Christine Marshall (Secretary) 2018-2020

Larry Reed (Treasurer) 2018-2020

Kim St. Clair  2019-2021

Mary Dawes  2019-2021

Jenny Jones  2019-2021

Sarah Moore 2019-2021

Nominating Committee:

Betsy Bradley (2018-2020)

Caroli Peterson (2018-2020)

Kat Dickson (2018-2020)

Val Wylie  (2019-2021)

Karen Kurtz (2019-2021)

Walt Doherty (2019-2021)


Terry Lockwood  (2017-2020)

Diana Ashley (2017-2020)

Pierre Tariot (2018-2021)

Michele Morgan (2019-2021)

Diane Targovnik (2019-2022)

Dan Hunn (2019-2022)


Biographies and photos of those elected June 2019:


JENNY JONES BIO (Board of Trustees):

I joined UUCP as a first time UU in 2011. Since becoming a member, I have served UUCP in the following capacities: Welcoming Ministry Committee and the Nominating Committee as both a member and Chair. I have been active as a Greeter and Lead Usher and have participated in Small Group Ministry since joining the Congregation. I’m currently serving on the UUCP Safety Team. I also participate in the Social Justice Team at UUCP, and in Social Justice causes in the wider Phoenix Community. I enjoy participating in the UUCP Outdoor Group activities, and participate as member of the Unicare group.

I live with my husband, John and have one daughter,a son-in-law, and 2 grandsons. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them, after they move to Phoenix from New Jersey this coming summer. I enjoy hiking and walking our 2 dogs in my spare time, and playing fetch with my Cattle Dog mix, Stella, who never tires of chasing balls. I enjoy listening to live music and going to art festivals, and just doing fun stuff with friends and family on the weekends. John and I are also garage sale and flea market junkies.

I have a deep love and commitment to my UUCP community. The community has been there for me when I have gone through difficult times in my life. I am committed to helping UUCP grow stronger as a Congregation. I am honored to be offered the opportunity to serve UUCP in such a meaningful way. I will do my best to help our Congregation overcome challenges in this time of transition, should I be elected to the Board of Trustees.


SARAH MOORE BIO (Board of Trustees)

Sarah Moore was raised Unitarian Universalist and became a member of UUCP in the fall of 2012. Sarah is currently working as Design Production Manager at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, and spends her spare time borrowing other people’s dogs and baking cheesecakes.






KIM ST. CLAIR BIO (Board of Trustees):

I was a UU and didn’t know it since I left Christianity at 14-years old; however, I didn’t actually discover UU-ism until 1998, when I began attending UUCP.  I became a member on Easter 2000.  I have served in multiple roles over the years: Sunday School teacher,  YRUU advisor and Young Adult Campus Ministry coordinator; Director of Lifespan Religious Education; Nominating Committee Chairperson;  Worship Associate; Auction Chairperson; Program Council Chairperson; member of the  Transition Team. Leadership Development Team and Personnel Committee; appointed member of the Board of Trustees.   This community is my spiritual home, my family.  I am grateful for all it brings to the lives within these walls and outside of them and am honored to serve on the Board of Trustees at this time.



I have been a UU since I joined the UUCP in March of 2017. My UUCP activities include joining the hiking group pretty early on.  I took Reverend Margret’s course on the history of UU.  I’m currently in Anthony Johnson’s class about masculinity.  And I was recently recruited to be on the Share the Plate Committee.  I agreed to serve a two-year term.

I was born in Indiana.  My family moved to Arizona when I was 4.  Except for a couple of brief stints in Southern California, I’ve lived in the Phoenix Metro Area since then.  I got my Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from NAU and then my CPA.  I’ve worked in various public and private sector accounting jobs and I currently work for the IRS as a field auditor.  I like tennis (actually, I’m kind of an addict) and golf.  I’m interested in politics, public policy and social justice issues, especially since November of 2016.



As a Jewish atheist I was looking for a place where others shared my basic beliefs and ideals.  I first found out about the UUCP from a friend whose child was doing OWL. After finding out what OWL was I immediately enrolled my daughter.  Over the next few months my husband, John Jacobs, and I started to attend the Sunday services. I found the services refreshingly interesting, intellectual, and emotional.  But most importantly, I found my people. People who believe in basic human rights and dignity.  It was refreshing to say the least and made our decision last year  to become official UUers easy.  As for myself, I am a Phoenix native who grew up in north central Phoenix.  I went to Camelback High and ended up graduating from University of Arizona with a bachelor’s in journalism and Near Eastern Studies. I have a master’s in journalism from University of Missouri-Columbia. I was actually a newspaper reporter for six years before the internet and the biggest story I covered was the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. After my newspaper career I went to law school at ASU. I worked for the Arizona Attorney General’s office and the Arizona Corporation Commission. After I had children (both born at home!), I decided to leave the lawyering life behind and to homeschool LeahHadas, 12, and SeonSage, 9.  Currently I am studying to become a functional health coach because evidently I love learning! I am also the chair of the anti-racism committee for Arizona Jews for Justice.



Michele Morgan has been a UU for many years. She found a home in Unitarian Universalism among forward thinkers  and UUCP,  which she has been attending since 2007, is no different.  She has served as Member at Large on the Board of UUCP  and is currently a member of the Right Relations Committee.  She is a physician  practicing  psychiatry in the metro Phoenix  area and is originally  from Detroit,  MI.









I first joined the UUs in 1967 in Albany NY.  My partner and I moved to Phoenix in ’79 but I didn’t start attending the UUCP till 2013, shortly after his passing.  I have been attending UUCP since I signed up and did the course, about 2 years ago.  My UUCP activities include small group study classes, attending board meetings when I can, and ushering.


I enjoy Nero Wolfe mysteries, Latin language, English grammar, calligraphy, word play, dressing well (fashion).  Then there’s linguistics, philosophy, mathematical games, Greek and Roman history, SciFi.  And, I have three cats; I’m an online reference Librarian (and I LOVE it!).





I came to Arizona in 1988, (originally a Chicago native), and found UUCP in October 2007.  In my first five years at UUCP, I served as a regular Sunday school teacher, primarily with the pre-school group.  In 2011, my incredible daughter Ariza came home; our adoption became final in July 2014.  As her needs expanded, my time for volunteering became more limited; however, my desire to ensure that Ariza has a stable spiritual upbringing is what motivated me to become a UUCP member in (2015?).

After a religious history that includes a Catholic childhood and a stint in a New Thought church as an adult, I appreciate the non-doctrinal approach offered by UUCP.  Through my life experiences, I have come to believe that my relationship with my life and the people in it is my relationship with God.  UUCP offers thoughtful messages and examines themes that lead me to reflect on how I carry out daily living.

Professionally, I have a graduate degree in public policy from the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota.  After a career in local government, I founded K. Kurtz Consulting LLC and provide grants management, group facilitation, and policy consulting to various non-profit and government agencies.  Much of my work is done with agencies working to end homelessness in Arizona.  In my free time, I love reading, genealogy, going to Phoenix Mercury games, and anything Ariza wants to do.



Val has been a UU for 9 years, originally at the UU Fellowship of the Fox Valley in Appleton, WI before joining UUCP in February of 2015. She immediately joined the Senior Woman’s Covenant Group and is now one of the co-facilitators. She has also been involved with UNICARE, the Open Arts Studio, and is a Coordinator for 5 of the Neighborhood groups for the new “Building Connections “ program.

This past year she filled the final term of a member of the Nominating Committee who was selected to serve on the Search Committee, she enjoyed the camaraderie of the committee and looks forward to serving a full term. Since moving to Phoenix in the fall of 2014 to be closer to her 2 grandchildren ( Addie & Oliver) and their parents, Kelly and Bill Morlan, she has  started a Monthly Book Club in her community and has become very involved in the Yucca Library Branch where she serves as President of the Yucca Friends Chapter that will be celebrating their 50th anniversary on June 1. She enjoys a Monthly Spanish Conversation group that gives the opportunity to speak the language she grew up with in Venezuela.