Simple Gifts

The holiday season always seems to signal More! Bigger! Newer! Faster! in every aspect of our lives. Even as we enjoy the amenities of modern life, there is wisdom in considering Smaller-Simpler-Slower to create meaningful celebrations of light in the darkening season.

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Beyond Categorical Thinking: The Van Gogh Café

Living our Unitarian Universalist values isn’t always as easy as we would like. Often what we strive for is not what actually happens. How can we lead with our best values inside and outside our congregation? This sermon will explore these issues as they pertain … read more.


In this time of Thanksgiving, we welcome children into this congregation with a ceremony of dedication, committing to support the child and family as they grow.  Commitment and gratitude are gifts that we can give our children as they navigate their way through a complex … read more.



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