Seeking the Source

Our search for truth and meaning opens the doors of faith and science, exploring the depths of miracle and mystery in the world.  This regenerative time of Easter draws us into the search for our connection to the ultimate Unknown, the alpha and omega, the … read more.

Kids These Days!

Today’s sermon topic was chosen by Jonny Lifshitz in the winning bid at the UUCP auction last fall. We will focus on the Post-Millennial Generation, those born from 1997 to the present, the so-called “selfie-generation.” Young people today find themselves inheriting a society where the … read more.

Facing into the Wind

Universalist Angus MacLean tells of understanding changes in the weather by turning until the wind was singing in both his ears.  As we await the emerging future, how do we engage the adventure of the unknown and prepare for the new; how we listen for … read more.



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