Let My People Go

You can easily LIVESTREAM virtual worship this Sunday, from your phone, computer or tablet. In-Person worship is temporarily discontinued until the virus dissipates. Please join us online!

As the Jewish people begin their holy celebration of Passover this week, we remember that the Passover story … read more.

Finding the God Moments In Chaos

Rev. Christine says: “In challenging moments, I have a Spiritual Director who asks me where I found the “God Moment.” She means where did I find a moment of connection to something beyond my comprehension. These times are challenging…and I am finding “God Moments” all … read more.

The Corona Society

The Corona Society:  What an unprecedented time we are in—an entire society making decisions for the greater welfare on behalf of our most vulnerable.  We like to think that we think of others when we make decisions, but this has taken it to a whole … read more.



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