• Our campus is now open to small group gatherings as well as team and committee meetings for UUCP activities only. We are not currently able to rent our facility to outside groups.
  • Our safety protocols are that you need to have two out of three COVID precautions in place: 3’ distance, masking, or outdoors. For example, if you are outside, you can be unmasked and distanced. Or if you are inside, you need to be masked and distanced.
  • Before requesting space, please review our guidelines, which include safety precautions and instructions for A/V equipment use.
  • Depending on the space you use and the timing, you may need to obtain a key.
  • Please use the form below to request space at UUCP—indoors or outside—and someone will contact you about your request. Do not email or call or text to request space; use the form.
How do you like people to refer to you?
Examples: Weekly choir practice, Board of Trustees meeting, etc.
Please include any setup time in your reservation. If your event starts at 1pm and you need 15 minutes to get set up, enter 12:45pm as the start time.
If your event ends at 2pm and you need 15 minutes to restore the space to its original condition, enter 2:15pm as the end time.
Events that are all or partially outside cannot be broadcast over Zoom.
Note: Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate requests for specific spaces.