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2024-2025 Stewardship Campaign

Growing Your UUCP Garden has never been more important. Now more than ever, we need the sustenance that our beloved community provides. This garden, planted by our UUCP founders, is our home and needs committed tending, especially in these troubled times. We are called to stewardship, the act of protecting and being responsible for something worth caring for and preserving.

We ask you to reflect on how UUCP is a garden of community, ideology, action, and growth. What aspects of UUCP are worth not only preserving, but nurturing, for you, for the congregation, and for the community?

From the 2023 Stewardship program, here’s Joan Roberts sharing with us her experiences at UUCP.

You Can Make a Difference

Our budget for 2024-2025 is $600,000. This is a slight increase from last year’s budget of $595,000, which we are on track of fulfilling this year, thanks to your generous Close The Gap efforts. This is basically a budget that keeps us where we are right now, with some increases in cost of living and health care insurance. Your gifts anchor the financial well-being of UUCP. 

Every Investment Makes a Difference

Make Your Financial Pledge

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Online Pledge & Payment Setup Forms

You can confirm your commitment to UUCP by completing the online pledge form:

Once you have entered your financial pledge for the 2024-2025 stewardship campaign, you will be able to set up your payments directly in Realm, our online accounting system.

Note: If you are unable to support UUCP financially this year, but still wish to show your commitment to the congregation, you can enter a pledge amount of $0 and complete the form to be counted.

Need Some Help?

To help you on your way to supporting UUCP, we have created step-by-step instructions: Setting Up Your Financial Pledge in Realm.

If you have any questions about Stewardship, please email us If you have trouble with the online systems, please ask for help at

For all that you give to UUCP, we are grateful for helping us grow our garden.