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  • Liberty Wildlife Animal Sanctuary: Native Birds and Conservation – Navigators Special Meeting

    Monday, September 20th at 6:30 pm AZ time

    Join the UUCP Navigators chapter for an evening zoom chat with the Liberty Wildlife Animal Sanctuary. We will be discussing Arizona Native birds of prey and their conservation.

    Participants will have the opportunity to see live birds from the sanctuary via zoom! Our host from the Animal Sanctuary will also discus the conservation of these birds and impacts humyns have on their environment. A question and answer period will follow.

    You can easily join us on Zoom from a smart phone, computer, or tablet:

    Zoom icon

    Passcode: LW0920 | Everyone is welcome!

  • September 2021 Navigators Meeting KNOTS

    September 13th @ 6pm
    See Compass for our login info.

    Join us for our September Navigators meeting which will be focused on “knots”. Knots are somewhat of a “lost art” however they have many valuable uses and not to mention can be a lot of fun! 

    This month we will have a quest speaker from our Children’s Ministry team, Cherilyn Walley. She will be sharing stories about her experiences with knots. 

    We will also talk about different careers and sports that use knots as well as how certain types of activism use knots. We look forward to seeing you there!   

    Here are this month’s Badge activities: 

    • Attend Monthly Chapter Meeting
    • What does a knot do?
    • Learn a magic trick with knots
    • Name, describe, and tie 4 knots
    • Lash a structure together
    • Use a knot to tie 2 ropes together (sheet bend, rolling hitch, blood knot)
    • Tie a knot that can be used to haul or hang something (for example: haul loop or bear bag)
    • Create something decorative using a string
    • Create a tool or utility object using string