Fall 2022 Class Schedule

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The following classes in person and/or via Zoom are currently available for registration. Most will be offered in a hybrid format, both in person and via Zoom using technology that brings all participants together. Please read about each class, then consider signing up for one or all of them! You can also review our past classes to learn more about the kinds of classes we offer.

  • Great UU Sermons

    2nd Thursday of each month at 3pm AZ time, starting September 8. An ongoing monthly series studying a classic sermon from an important UU Minister from history, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Theodore Parker.

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  • Living by Heart

    1st Tuesdays, starting October 4 at 6:30 pm, ongoing. This group uses poetry & wisdom literature as a starting point and focus of mindfulness meditation. The class encourages participants to find poetry, songs, and other short pieces to share and to commit passages “by heart”, in order to center their thoughts and focus quiet meditation.

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  • UU Evolution

    Sundays, October 30 – December 4 for 1 hour, starting 15 minutes after service ends. Both Unitarian and Universalist ideas have very long traditions, going back to the very beginnings of Christianity. This class will focus on how these evolved in America from unorthodox variants of Christianity into the inclusive, non-creedal faith we practice today.

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