Attend Our Services In Person

In February of 2022, after almost 2 years of online-only services, we returned to in-person services, at first outdoors, and then in March, back indoors, but masked for safety.

However, even as we reopened, we remained committed to making our worship services available online for those who can’t or prefer not to attend in person for any reason.

Watch Our Services Online

Our Sunday worship services are broadcast via Zoom meetings, live-streamed on our YouTube channel and Facebook page, and can be viewed after each service on our Worship Service Videos page. The link to each Sunday’s service is also published in our weekly Compass email newsletter.

Current & Upcoming Worship Services

A picture of a heart made from sheets of paper with musical notes superimposed over it.

Song As Scripture: Alicia Keys’ Underdog

In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST
Zoom: 890 3393 2625

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Bill Snowden

Each year, Rev. Christine chooses a song that we can explore as a Unitarian Universalist "Scripture." This year we are going with the catching, poignant and directive song by Alicia Keys, "Underdog." What can we learn by leaning into the lyrics about ourselves, our world and our faith?

A protest picture of hands with words written on them

Another Way is Possible: Abolitionist Imagination

In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST
Zoom: 820 1008 6686

Led by: Brigitta Vieyra
Worship Associate: Carrie Lifshitz

What does it mean to be a people of possibility? For generations, UUism has rumbled with the abolition of systems that cause harm. From the abolition of slavery and segregation, to nuclear weapons and war, to policing and prisons, UUs are always deepening an understanding of what it means to be free. Come explore what it means to have an abolitionist imagination.

A woman raises her hands to the sun with clouds and water in front of her.

Embracing Possibility: Coming Apart to Become Anew

In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST
Zoom: 830 1644 3890

Led by: Brigitta Vieyra
Worship Associate: Jon Palumbo

Sometimes the most challenging moments of our lives, the interruptions, can open us up as invitations. As UUs, we are often called to turn problems into possibilities. Join us as we explore how we can encounter the sacredness of becoming anew in the tragedies, triumphs and tedium's of our lives.