Attend Our Services In Person

In February of 2022, after almost 2 years of online-only services, we returned to in-person services, at first outdoors, and then in March, back indoors, but masked for safety.

However, even as we reopened, we remained committed to making our worship services available online for those who can’t or prefer not to attend in person for any reason.

Watch Our Services Online

Our Sunday worship services are broadcast via Zoom meetings, live-streamed on our YouTube channel and Facebook page, and can be viewed after each service on our Worship Service Videos page. The link to each Sunday’s service is also published in our weekly Compass email newsletter.

Current & Upcoming Worship Services

A picture of a couple holding hands.

Generosity: From You I Receive To You I Give

In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST
Zoom: 832 5138 9321

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: John LaBarbera
Music: Choir Sings

In the series of our UU Values, we will be exploring the next value of Generosity, which connects us to both gratitude but also hope for what the future we can create. We will ground ourselves in our UU Values to kick off our Stewardship season. We will also welcome new members this morning.

The UUCP phoenix logo next to the text Rewriting Covenant on a purple gradient background.

Rewriting Covenant

In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST
Zoom: 853 4244 5930

Led by: Rev Sky Williams-Tao
Worship Associate: Jon Palumbo
Music: Nicole Pesce

In 1894, Unitarian minister Rev. James Vila Blake wrote a covenant that became the backbone of the one said during each of UUCP's worship services. A few years ago, Rev. Sky Williams-Tao rewrote this covenant. Why would they do that? How did they do it? Come to hear about the rewriting journey, and for lots of UU lore.