Attend Our Services In Person

In February of 2022, after almost 2 years of online-only services, we returned to in-person services, at first outdoors, and then in March, back indoors, but masked for safety.

However, even as we reopened, we remained committed to making our worship services available online for those who can’t or prefer not to attend in person for any reason.

Watch Our Services Online

Our Sunday worship services are broadcast via Zoom meetings, live-streamed on our YouTube channel, and can be viewed after each service on our Worship Service Videos page. A post with the link to the YouTube live stream is shared on our Facebook page, and the link to each Sunday’s service is published in our weekly Compass email newsletter.

Current & Upcoming Worship Services

Light purple scales - UUCP History Communism? Liberation?

UUCP History: Communism or Liberation?

Indoors In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Jon Palumbo
Music: Clarinet Duets

Each year, we have a service on UUCP's history. Many of our early members were accused of being communists, which created a lot of problems for UUCP. Whether or not they were, it gives us an opportunity to take a healthy approach to our views on poverty and capitalism and how we can lovingly live in in our forebears’ footsteps.

"It's Hard Being a White Man These Days, and That's a Good Thing" black text over black & white photo of wire sculpture in a field of a man squatting 'De hurkende man' ('Exposure')

It’s Hard Being a White Man These Days, and That’s a Good Thing

Indoors In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST

Led by: Jon Palumbo
Worship Associate: Mary McManus
Music: Jazz with Renee Patrick + Nicole Pesce

If you are to believe the narrative, white men are under assault by the "radical liberal agenda." So what is in this agenda that is so scary? As an aging cis-gendered, straight, white man, Jon Palumbo invites you to stop in this Sunday to hear why so many older white men are so upset and what we can do to make them more upset.

"The Problem with Sunday" white letters over a photo of protesters after the Pulse shooting in Orlando

The Problem with Sunday

Indoors In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Carrie Lifshitz

On this anniversary of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, we have Rev. Christine's annual service that breaks down the meaning of a song. This year, we are exploring Joy Oladokun's "Sunday", as we explore why the church has been so harmful to the LGBTQ community and why our faith community is (still) so important.