Welcome to all! Have fun exploring Children’s Ministry at UUCP!

Who We Are:

Children’s Ministry at UUCP provides programming and access to develop the spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing and growth of our youngest community members, aged 0-18. Our work encompasses not just children, but the whole community in creating multi-generational experiences. We advocate for the space and role of kids, teaching kids how to use their voices and power in service to the community and Unitarian Universalist values. We advocate for the entire community and strive to be radically inclusive, allowing children to be whole people and whole community members so we can be a whole congregation. Masking is optional.

What We Do:

We work to create a welcoming and loving space for all children and are available to work with you and your family on spiritual needs, inclusion issues, or any faith development questions.

“Together Time” Videos

You can enjoy our Children’s Ministry “Together Time” videos here, or on our UUCP YouTube Channel.