Welcome to all! Have fun exploring Children’s Ministry at UUCP!

2023-2024 Children's Ministry Programming | hands supporting a rainbow-striped heart overlaid with: Equity, Interdependence, Justice, Generosity, Pluralism, Transformation

2023-2024 Children’s Ministry Programming

Children’s Ministry programming at UUCP begins Sunday, September 17th. We have programming for everyone—yes, adults too! Together, we’ll explore our UU values, strengthen our community, and grow! This year, we focus on being Joyful, Just, and Steadfast. Our Sunday groups for the 2023-2024 program year include:

Kindle Circle (ages 0-5)

Our youngest community members begin by sharing Sunday worship with our whole community, then part way through service (about the time it gets hard to be little in a big room) the group heads to their play room in Room 15 for programming designed especially for them. We play, sing, gather, and grow our UU power! Time includes both structured activities and free play, following along with worship service, and community adventures. (Guardians are welcome to join).

Toolbox Kids (ages 5-8)

What tools does Unitarian Universalism offer for the challenges of life? In Toolbox Kids, we examine how UU Values are helpful in our lives and building our own faith. Each of the sessions uses a tool as a metaphor for an important quality of our faith such as reflection (symbolized by a mirror), flexibility (duct tape), and justice (a flashlight) and each participant fills their toolbox with real tools! Gathers on the patio after worship, then moves to Annex G.

oUUr Scouts/ Navigators (ages 9-12; all ages welcome!)

This year our Navigators Squad will be meeting weekly on Sundays. Weeks will alternate between outdoor adventures on campus, visits from local experts, and justice in the outdoors badge activities. Gathers on the patio after worship, then moves to The Grove.

This Group Is Anti-Racist (ages 12-14)

Inspired by the amazing This Book Is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewell and Aurelia Durand, this program kick-starts us into the work of anti-oppression that is so important to our faith. We will encounter complex issues of race, identity, and justice in a safe, inclusive, and engaging space designed specifically for young teens. Gathers on the patio after worship, then moves to Annex F.

YRUU (ages 14-19)

Weekly small group ministry for high school age community members. Casual open discussion, reflection, faith formation, and sometimes snacks. Gathers on the patio after worship, then moves to Annex C.

Coming of Age 2024 – Starting Soon!

This group begins October 6th. Coming of Age invites participants ages 12-14 to explore and develop their beliefs, spirituality, and faith. The program prepares them to become a member of the congregation and create deep connections in the community while examining their own senses of identity, belonging, and wisdom. Please check back for details about meeting times.

Who We Are:

Children’s Ministry at UUCP provides programming and access to develop the spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing and growth of our youngest community members, aged 0-18. Our work encompasses not just children, but the whole community in creating multi-generational experiences. We advocate for the space and role of kids, teaching kids how to use their voices and power in service to the community and Unitarian Universalist values. We advocate for the entire community and strive to be radically inclusive, allowing children to be whole people and whole community members so we can be a whole congregation. Masking is optional.

What We Do:

We work to create a welcoming and loving space for all children and are available to work with you and your family on spiritual needs, inclusion issues, or any faith development questions.

“Together Time” Videos

You can enjoy our Children’s Ministry “Together Time” videos here, or on our UUCP YouTube Channel.